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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.


The Libertarian Republic's Freedom Report podcast just turned 200, with over 10 million downloads, and tens of thousands of daily listeners. How is our website doing out there with all the competition. Has TLR gone full clickbait? What's been the impact of the new writers that have come along? And now that we've been listed on Google News, what does that mean for libertarian ideas as whole? 

Today's podcast is a vanity venture, discussing the state of The Libertarian Republic news website, where we're at, where we're going, and what we need to get there. We hope you enjoy our show!

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Ashley Bell
Ashley Bell

Attorney Ashley Bell has a long history of public service as a Democrat. But that changed when in 2010 he left the Democratic Party and joined the Republicans. Tired of all the big spending politicians of the left, Bell joined the fight for limited government just as a certain Tea Party politician started making waves in Kentucky. Bell's endorsement of Senator Rand Paul may come as a shock to some, but for Bell, he's always been a stalwart conservative in his heart.

Still, Bell's endorsement of Paul raises eyebrows, being an African American. What does Mr. Bell think of the controversy surrounding Senator Paul and his comments about the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Bell tells how that was the first question he asked Paul before he endorsed. He also talks about what he thinks of Senator Paul's record of outreach to minority communities, and what his position is on the War on Drugs.

Also, Bell weighs in on the Indiana Religious Freedom Act. Does he believe in free association of business owners to discriminate on the basis of sex... or even race?

And what does Mr. Bell think is going to happen if Senator Paul has to face off with Hillary Clinton now that the media is painting him as a sexist. Does Paul need to tone down his rhetoric or calm himself down before interviews?

Lastly, what does Mr. Bell think about Senator Paul's foreign policy? As a member of AIPAC and strong supporter of Israel, does Mr. Bell believe that Paul's reductionist approach to military spending will be enough to maintain the security of our own nation, and of the Middle East?

All that and more on this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast. Don't forget to subscribe to Ashley Bell's twitter by clicking here!

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Johnny Adams of the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad show joins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss what it means to be a sexy libertarian. Johnny is a libertarian and a certified BAMF, who's trying to help bring the beer-drinking crowds to the party, so we can get more people interested in free market ideas.

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When Kelley Paul was asked whether she thought her husband Rand Paul was a sexy libertarian, she said "of course I think he's hot." Then, she was asked what she thought about some of the other men on our sister site Liberty Viral's hottest libertarian men list... specifically Jeff Scully... "Mmmmm," she said. And "I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with most of them. But good for Rand. I'm proud of him."

A booze-swilling, leather jacketed, motorcycle driving lover of liberty himself, Johnny enjoys freedom, liberty, and kicking ass. Subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes for more amazing shows just like this one.

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Happy Tax Day, serfs! It's the one day of the year when every American becomes a libertarian and hates government... right before they go back to sleep doing whatever they do while not caring about the leviathan welfare/warfare state that's bleeding us all dry. But is there a way that we could fund all these glorious public services without government stealing half of our wealth before we even see it? 

As it turns out, there actually is! 

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast looks at six ways we could fund public services without an income tax. Some of these options are admittedly better than others, but they're all better than an income tax. Listen in and despair that we don't live in a freer society that some of these options could provide if only we could all come together to adopt the necessary policy changes that would make them work. 

And if you prefer the income tax... look at your bill today to the IRS and repeat after me... "I am free..." 

Yeah right! You'd be freer if you listen to my advice, subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes, and leave us a 5-star review! 

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Libertarian And Objectivist Debate Problems With Radical Islam

Director of Advocacy at The Atlas Society
Director of Advocacy at The Atlas Society

Dr. Edward Hudgins of the Atlas Society joins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss libertarians and the problem of Iran. Is Iran an existential threat to the United States? And what about ISIS? How can we defend ourselves without creating even more problems for ourselves in the region? 

Hudgins, an objectivist and former director of regulatory studies of the Cato Institute, argues that radical Islam poses a sincere threat, but that sanctions are probably not the answer. Although Hudgins is more hawkish than most libertarians, he believes that free trade and capitalism are the best way to undermine hostile regimes. 

Dr. Hudgins argues that Enlightenment values are the difference between fighting regimes such as Nazi Germany, and ISIS, with the latter never having come into contact with classical liberal ideas. Hudgins believes that the Middle East freeing up their markets would be a good disincentive for Islamists to engage in peaceful cooperation rather than violence and force. 

We also discuss Dr. Hudgins' new book "The Republican Party's Civil War," and how libertarians can successfully continue to have their ideas embraced in the GOP. 

Listen to today's Freedom Report podcast and subscribe to us on iTunes for more great interviews just like this one. 

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Senator Rand Paul's long awaited announcement was greeted with high hopes that real change might come to America. Supporters of the presidential candidate gathered in Louisville, Kentucky to begin a long, slow march towards bringing more free market ideas to America. Libertarians and Tea Party types have pinned their aspirations on a man whose record defending liberty is nearly spotless, but nevertheless spots were there. 

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Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast breaks down Rand Paul's chances to win the presidency. The Washington Post's Chris Cilliza thinks Rand Paul can win, and so does Carl Cameron of Fox News. But can he win if libertarian insurgents in the GOP proceed with the strategy of "Rand Paul or None At All"? Or do freedom fighters need to change their tactics and be more discreet if they want to win the nomination? Our podcast today interviews a group of hopeful young liberty lovers to discuss their thoughts on the best way to advance our ideas while working to destroy the machine... from inside the machine. 

Listen to today's show and subscribe to us on iTunes for a no-holds-barred discussion of the liberty movement's insurgency in the Republican Party. 

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Julie Borowski has gone rogue! She's left her position at FreedomWorks to strike out on her own with a new project that's sure to be weird, whacky, and wonderful. This episode of the Freedom Report podcast features Julie talking about what her future plans are in advancing her ideas and the philosophy of liberty. 

Now that she's able to freely speak her mind, we ask Julie what she thinks about the impact of the presidential candidacies of Senator Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, and her thoughts will likely surprise you! Although she's widely known as the "Token Libertarian Girl," Borowski has decide to rebrand herself so as to be more effective in spreading her ideas. Her new tagline "Politics, Culture, Weirdness" is fairly apt for a quirky personality whose videos have been viewed millions of times by people all over the world. 

Julie's original commentary will be featured at her new website, Julieborowski.com, where you can sign up for her email list for exclusive contests and information about her new projects and latest videos. Listen in to today's Freedom Report podcast to hear more about what Julie is up to, and why she's decided to strike out on her own. 

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