Is It Important For Libertarians To Get Some Sex Appeal? [PODCAST]

April 16, 2015

Johnny Adams of the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad show joins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss what it means to be a sexy libertarian. Johnny is a libertarian and a certified BAMF, who's trying to help bring the beer-drinking crowds to the party, so we can get more people interested in free market ideas.

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When Kelley Paul was asked whether she thought her husband Rand Paul was a sexy libertarian, she said "of course I think he's hot." Then, she was asked what she thought about some of the other men on our sister site Liberty Viral's hottest libertarian men list... specifically Jeff Scully... "Mmmmm," she said. And "I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with most of them. But good for Rand. I'm proud of him."

A booze-swilling, leather jacketed, motorcycle driving lover of liberty himself, Johnny enjoys freedom, liberty, and kicking ass. Subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes for more amazing shows just like this one.