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April 15, 2015

Could We Fund Services Without An Income Tax? Yes! Here’s How… [PODCAST]

Happy Tax Day, serfs! It's the one day of the year when every American becomes a libertarian and hates government... right before they go back to sleep doing whatever they do while not caring about the leviathan welfare/warfare state that's bleeding us all dry. But is there a way that we could fund all these glorious public services without government stealing half of our wealth before we even see it? 

As it turns out, there actually is! 

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast looks at six ways we could fund public services without an income tax. Some of these options are admittedly better than others, but they're all better than an income tax. Listen in and despair that we don't live in a freer society that some of these options could provide if only we could all come together to adopt the necessary policy changes that would make them work. 

And if you prefer the income tax... look at your bill today to the IRS and repeat after me... "I am free..." 

Yeah right! You'd be freer if you listen to my advice, subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes, and leave us a 5-star review! 

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