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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.


Moms Demand Action for Gun Control chief Shannon Watts took aim at the National Rifle Association using bogus claims about the number of kids who die from gun deaths. Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report podcast responded on twitter, arguing that there is no tragedy, no matter how great, that justifies taking away the rights of innocent people. It went over about as well as you might expect. 

Also, the end of the podcast is a more personal discussion about the future of the podcast, The Libertarian Republic, and the liberty movement as a whole. 

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It's not socialism when we do it!

Libertarian Republican Austin Petersen takes the central planner of the right to task. "We will never be a socialist country," Trump says.

"Now let's engage in some central family planning." Republicans respond.

Conservative Republicans of the US Senate have floated multiple legislative proposals in order to assuage the president's desire to implement his daughter's family leave proposal. But while conservatives are bashing AOC for her schemes and plans, they have some plans of their own.

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Austin Petersen of the Freedom Report podcast has a guilty pleasure and it's Instagram. The social network composed entirely of pictures was a perfect medium for an artist with a liberty loving attitude to capture Petersen's attention.

Jimbob is a satirical cartoonist whose hilarious works are bringing joy amongst the enlightened, and fear and confusion amongst the damned. Jimbob's new hardcover book featuring his triggering artwork is on sale for preorders, and you can reserve your copy at MadeByJimbob.com and check out some of his works at Instagram.com/madebyjimbob

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Austin Petersen goes to CPAC to meet with conservatives concerned about the death penalty and discuss the state of the death penalty across the United States.

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Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report takes a victory lap on the announcement of his upcoming daily radio show in Jefferson City. Petersen dishes on the show, and thanks his loyal listeners for helping him get there. 

Also, Petersen discusses a group of kids who confronted California Senator Diane Feinstein over her non-support of the Green New Deal. 

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The media has been fixated on Republican responses to ridiculous Democratic behavior, causing one to question whether or not the media is in fact, fake news. Ben Shapiro writes at the Daily Wire about the Republican pouncing problem, and Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report podcast dissects the Amazon controversy by pouncing on the Democratic response. 

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Freedom Report host Austin Petersen responds to President Trump's state of the union address. Petersen discusses the best and worst moments, and wades into the ever deepening controversy of Virginia's Democratic Party. 

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Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris got some pushback from some of her party leadership when she floated the proposal of eliminating the private health insurance market entirely in a CNN town hall this week. Harris came out in favor of Bernie Sanders' Medicare-For-All plan, as well as the "Green New Deal" which would eliminate not just the entire coal and gas industry, but also gas burning vehicles. 

Are they nuts? 

Freedom Report host Austin Petersen breaks down the news with pieces from Reason Magazine and Ben Shapiro. 

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Michigan Congressman Justin Amash took to the stage at LibertyCon last weekend to discuss potential future presidential aspirations. When asked about who the LP should nominate, Amash responded with a jab ostensibly at former Massachusetts Governor and 2020 potential Bill Weld. Weld responded with the grass of a Boston Brahmin. 

Former LP presidential candidate himself Austin Petersen discusses the news. 

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Ben Shapiro is under fire from the leftwing press over comments he made at the pro-life march in Washington D.C. Shapiro mentioned a common thought experiment whereby a time traveler would be faced with the question of whether or not to kill an infant Adolf Hitler. As usual, the media's lies, distortions, and ignorance come into full display.

The Freedom Report's host Austin Petersen breaks down the story where a podcast advertiser at the Daily Wire loses a sponsorship over the ordeal, as well as the philosophical questions involved.

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