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April 17, 2015

Is This Former Democrat Rand Paul’s OTHER Secret Weapon? [PODCAST]

Ashley Bell
Ashley Bell

Attorney Ashley Bell has a long history of public service as a Democrat. But that changed when in 2010 he left the Democratic Party and joined the Republicans. Tired of all the big spending politicians of the left, Bell joined the fight for limited government just as a certain Tea Party politician started making waves in Kentucky. Bell's endorsement of Senator Rand Paul may come as a shock to some, but for Bell, he's always been a stalwart conservative in his heart.

Still, Bell's endorsement of Paul raises eyebrows, being an African American. What does Mr. Bell think of the controversy surrounding Senator Paul and his comments about the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Bell tells how that was the first question he asked Paul before he endorsed. He also talks about what he thinks of Senator Paul's record of outreach to minority communities, and what his position is on the War on Drugs.

Also, Bell weighs in on the Indiana Religious Freedom Act. Does he believe in free association of business owners to discriminate on the basis of sex... or even race?

And what does Mr. Bell think is going to happen if Senator Paul has to face off with Hillary Clinton now that the media is painting him as a sexist. Does Paul need to tone down his rhetoric or calm himself down before interviews?

Lastly, what does Mr. Bell think about Senator Paul's foreign policy? As a member of AIPAC and strong supporter of Israel, does Mr. Bell believe that Paul's reductionist approach to military spending will be enough to maintain the security of our own nation, and of the Middle East?

All that and more on this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast. Don't forget to subscribe to Ashley Bell's twitter by clicking here!

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