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Professor Lawrence White
Professor Lawrence White

Professor Lawrence White, an economist from George Mason University, joins the Freedom Report podcast today to discuss free market monetary policy. At the Jackson Hole Summit, White and a group of rebel economists gathered to discuss the topic of whether or not central banks are the problem or the solution to America's financial woes. 

Professor White is an advocate of "free banking," which is the Austrian economic system of ending the Federal Reserve and allowing the free market to regulate the supply of money in the marketplace. We don't allow government to set the price of bread, gas, or cars... so why do we allow them to set the price of money? 

Professor White believes that money has become controlled by political interests, and thinks that the free market can more effectively allow for stable economic growth, without all the booms and busts of the modern era. 

The Federal Reserve has got to go. Today's podcast delves into the nuances of monetary policy, how the Federal Reserve came to be, their track record, and what a more free market policy would work. Professor White joins us in this very special episode, broadcasting from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

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Why This Trotskyite Deserves The Icepick

This meme was reported to Facebook as abusive by Sanders supporters
This meme was reported to Facebook as abusive by Sanders supporters

Bernie Sanders supporters flooded The Libertarian Republic news magazine's website and social media sites over the weekend. A strong pushback from editor Austin Petersen against the socialist spawn of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign uncovered a slough of economically illiterate American activists, ready to do battle for evil. 

And make no mistake, socialism is evil. 

The classical liberal (libertarian) economists of the 20th century penned their screeds against the statist democratic socialists movements of their day, now TLR's Freedom Report podcast takes similar aim. 

Democratic socialists believe that their Trotskyite leader will prevail, and a peaceful utopia will emerge of citizens cooperating with one another voluntarily, and eventually the state will wither away... but before the state can wither away, all power must go to the state. The government supreme. All power to the so-viet! 

Democratic socialists believe that a top marginal tax rate of 90% on the wealthiest citizens will "soak the rich," and stabilize the economy. They point to the 1950's as an example, when Dwight Eisenhower presided over a 91% top marginal tax rate. But why don't they ever look at effective tax rates? These show that few people actually paid those taxes, and those earning more than $100,000 paid less than 5 percent of the taxes collected in the U.S. That's a lot fewer than today. 

Sanders supporters getting what they asked for.
Sanders supporters getting what they asked for.

Democratic socialist believe that their cause is just, that their progressive policies of economic centralization, and bigger government will bring utopia. Their version of socialism is just, because it is not Leninism. It's not Stalinism. This isn't War Communism, they say... no they don't. They don't know what War Communism is. They don't know what Communism is. They don't know what socialism is. They think AND SAY that North Korea is a worker's paradise. 

“The average man is both better informed and less corruptible in the decisions he makes as a consumer than as a voter at political elections.” 
― Ludwig von Mises

Bernie Sanders has stirred up all that is wrong with America, and today's Freedom Report podcast is a complete takedown of the would-be tyrant Bernie Sanders. 

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Bloomberg writer Megan McCardle penned an interesting op-ed comparing presidential candidate Donald Trump to former POTUS challenger Ron Paul. McCardle seems to have found interesting parallels in the vociferousness of both group's supporters, and has some amusing anecdotes about being contacted by their supporters during the previous and current general elections.

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast looks at the supporters of Donald Trump, and contrasts those with the supporters of fellow contender for the GOP crown, Rand Paul.

Paul issued a scathing attack against Trump in the pages of IJReview, pleading with his fellow Tea Partiers not to fall for Trump's fake conservatism. But will Paul's strategy of painting Trump as a liberal backfire? And can a strategy of attacking Trump even do anything to boost Paul's sagging poll numbers? We'll analyze the difference.

And is redneck a racist term? Last Saturday, The Libertarian Republic visited a highway overpass rally populated by flag bearing conservatives. It just so happened that these supporters of limited government were flying the flag of one of the biggest would-be governments in history, the Confederacy. While a raucous debate erupted after our editor called the ethics of flying the flag into question, the ideas of how to market unpopular ideas is an important one, especially in light of the candidacy of one Donald J. Trump.

With so many calling for a revival of the Tea Party movement, it is no clearer sign that the movement is dead. But how did it die? Editor Austin Petersen explains why he believes the movement destroyed itself, and the roots lie in those who reflexively support ideas, and candidates, of which they have no knowledge.

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The Fox News Republican Presidential debate was an exciting, raucous event, featuring 10 candidates who polled high enough to be included. A second tier debate, held earlier in the evening, featured 7 other candidates vying for the top spot in the Republican primary. So who won? 

Today's Freedom Report podcast does a full breakdown of the greatest moments of the second debate, with a nod of deference to the winner of the second tier event, Carly Fiorina. Although Fiorina failed to make the cut for the main event, her cool, even performance distinguished herself enough for many pundits and politicos to take notice. Will she make it into the big event next time? We'll look at her chances in today's show. 

And what about the main event? Donald Trump stood alone in claiming that he wouldn't rule out a third party run. Senator Rand Paul immediately took him to task, arguing that he's already half in the bag for the Clintons. Trump and Paul sparred, with the two candidates verbally shuffling and jabbing one another and no clear winner. Trump landed the final blow when he poked Paul over his donating money to the senator. 

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich gave a beautiful answer to the question over whether he'd support gay marriage. Kasich responded that he would always give his family unconditional love no matter what, despite his support of the conservative definition of marriage. 

Dr. Ben Carson elevated the IQ on the debate stage, and although he only had a small amount of time, the retired neurosurgeon certainly made a good impression with his final closing statements. We play his remarks on today's show. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Paul sparred over national security, in what was clearly the most pivotal moment of the entire debate. Christie pulled the "9/11" card, while Paul argued that we should always obey the 4th amendment and the Bill of Rights. Christie claimed that while he was convicting terrorists, Paul was blowing hot air in a subcommittee, to which Paul responded that he didn't trust Obama with his personal records and stabbed Christie by saying "I know you gave him a hug." 

But who was the overall winner in my opinion? You'll have to listen in to find out, and don't forget to subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes and leave us a 5-star review! 


A Foxy, Rowdy Republican Debate

Carly Fiorina, the Runaway Winner

Rand Paul got the least talk time

Rand Paul has the best moment in tense debate with 9/11 obsessed Chris Christie

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These are the times that try men's souls... -Paine

Senator Rand Paul's campaign for the presidency has been reeling from bad press in the past week, many of it from (so called) current, and former supporters. An article in Politico by Jonathan Bydlak deconstructed Paul's message, comparing it to his father, and arguing that he's tired of supporting the Kentucky senator. 

But while some of us may be tired, we will stand until we can stand no longer. 

The heroes of the American Revolution were all too familiar with the problems of desertion, lack of courage and resolve. When times were hard, and Washington's army wintered at Valley Forge, desertions were common, as were those whose loyalties gave way to the British Crown. Now today, the modern American libertarian movement faces a similar challenge. We are engaged in a titanic struggle against vastly larger forces, better funded and equipped, with better propaganda outlets, and the backing of the US political establishment. Will we turn tail and run, or criticize our fellow patriots while we are in our darkest hour? Or will we stand with Rand, and commit to finish what we have started? 

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast takes aim at the criticisms with some famous quotes from 1776, the words of Thomas Paine and Sam Adams. We also pull from Morton Blackwell's "Laws of the Public Policy Process" in order to examine the best possible solutions which can help govern our movement's future actions. 

Also, we at The Libertarian Republic have a very exciting announcement. We've teamed up with PurplePAC, a liberty-loving political action committee aimed at helping Senator Paul get elected. The PAC is giving away $10,000 in prizes to YOU, for your best ideas on how to help Rand Paul get elected President of the United States. You heard that right. 5 people will receive $2,000 for their best ideas. And the best part is that you can enter to win as many times as you like. Simply go to purplepac.org/contest in order to enter, or just click here and submit your entry. The contest closes at the end of August, so get your entries in soon and you could not only save your pocketbook, but your country as well. 

I'm here at Valley Forge, standing with Rand. Will you stand with me? 


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