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August 7, 2015

Who Won The Republican Presidential Debate? [PODCAST]

The Fox News Republican Presidential debate was an exciting, raucous event, featuring 10 candidates who polled high enough to be included. A second tier debate, held earlier in the evening, featured 7 other candidates vying for the top spot in the Republican primary. So who won? 

Today's Freedom Report podcast does a full breakdown of the greatest moments of the second debate, with a nod of deference to the winner of the second tier event, Carly Fiorina. Although Fiorina failed to make the cut for the main event, her cool, even performance distinguished herself enough for many pundits and politicos to take notice. Will she make it into the big event next time? We'll look at her chances in today's show. 

And what about the main event? Donald Trump stood alone in claiming that he wouldn't rule out a third party run. Senator Rand Paul immediately took him to task, arguing that he's already half in the bag for the Clintons. Trump and Paul sparred, with the two candidates verbally shuffling and jabbing one another and no clear winner. Trump landed the final blow when he poked Paul over his donating money to the senator. 

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich gave a beautiful answer to the question over whether he'd support gay marriage. Kasich responded that he would always give his family unconditional love no matter what, despite his support of the conservative definition of marriage. 

Dr. Ben Carson elevated the IQ on the debate stage, and although he only had a small amount of time, the retired neurosurgeon certainly made a good impression with his final closing statements. We play his remarks on today's show. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Paul sparred over national security, in what was clearly the most pivotal moment of the entire debate. Christie pulled the "9/11" card, while Paul argued that we should always obey the 4th amendment and the Bill of Rights. Christie claimed that while he was convicting terrorists, Paul was blowing hot air in a subcommittee, to which Paul responded that he didn't trust Obama with his personal records and stabbed Christie by saying "I know you gave him a hug." 

But who was the overall winner in my opinion? You'll have to listen in to find out, and don't forget to subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes and leave us a 5-star review! 


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