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August 10, 2015

Is Donald Trump the new Ron Paul?

Bloomberg writer Megan McCardle penned an interesting op-ed comparing presidential candidate Donald Trump to former POTUS challenger Ron Paul. McCardle seems to have found interesting parallels in the vociferousness of both group's supporters, and has some amusing anecdotes about being contacted by their supporters during the previous and current general elections.

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast looks at the supporters of Donald Trump, and contrasts those with the supporters of fellow contender for the GOP crown, Rand Paul.

Paul issued a scathing attack against Trump in the pages of IJReview, pleading with his fellow Tea Partiers not to fall for Trump's fake conservatism. But will Paul's strategy of painting Trump as a liberal backfire? And can a strategy of attacking Trump even do anything to boost Paul's sagging poll numbers? We'll analyze the difference.

And is redneck a racist term? Last Saturday, The Libertarian Republic visited a highway overpass rally populated by flag bearing conservatives. It just so happened that these supporters of limited government were flying the flag of one of the biggest would-be governments in history, the Confederacy. While a raucous debate erupted after our editor called the ethics of flying the flag into question, the ideas of how to market unpopular ideas is an important one, especially in light of the candidacy of one Donald J. Trump.

With so many calling for a revival of the Tea Party movement, it is no clearer sign that the movement is dead. But how did it die? Editor Austin Petersen explains why he believes the movement destroyed itself, and the roots lie in those who reflexively support ideas, and candidates, of which they have no knowledge.

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