Heroes of Liberty in 2018

October 3, 2018

Austin Petersen hosts the Freedom Report podcast discussing some of the great liberty candidates running for federal and local offices around the country. Petersen finds great optimism for the future in these candidates who are defying expectations and beating the odds in many ways. Some candidates are taking principled staands in the face of nearly insurmountable resistance, but their brave stands are laying the groundwork to keep the light of liberty alive now and into the future.


Kanye West BLASTS Democrats While Wearing MAGA Hat

October 1, 2018

Austin Petersen's Freedom Report podcasts reemerges with a discussion of the culture wars coinciding with a jaw-dropping appearance by Kanye West on Saturday Night Live. West ruffled feathers with his statements about black fathers, welfare, racism, and the Democratic party while wearing a Donald Trump style MAGA cap. Petersen goes into detail about the broader struggle for cultural freedom.




Advice To A Young Conservative ft. Chuck Woolery, Austin Petersen, Mark Young

January 31, 2018

Missouri Republican senate candidate Austin Petersen interviews famed TV game show host Chuck Woolery and Mark Young. Petersen discusses his senate campaign, the state of the conservative movement, Donald Trump, and the way forward for the United States. 


Will the Trump/Bannon Feud Enable Ben Shapiro and Austin Petersen’s Libertarian/Conservative Alliance?

January 7, 2018

The new Fire and Fury book has set Washington ablaze in palace intrigue, culminating in the ouster of Steve Bannon from President Trump's good graces. But more important than the personality politics are the principles involved, and the policy outcomes from a president who is beholden to no one special interest or ideology. Will it result in a wave election of principled candidates who are free to advance the principles of liberty? 

DailyWire founder Ben Shapiro and Republican senate candidate Austin Petersen have been hinting of a new style of libertarian conservatism, which some have called "conservatarianism." If the nationalist populist influence has been replaced by free market ideals, and the president continues to embrace his businessman instincts, a great opportunity could present itself in this election year. 

Austin Petersen discusses in length the implications of recent events by reading from a book review of Fire and Fury by Jeffrey Tucker. 


Campaign Update + Religious Liberty + Thoughts on Trump

December 30, 2017

Missouri Republican US Senate Candidate Austin Petersen gives a campaign update while on holiday break. Petersen discusses his thoughts on major issues of the day, the state of his campaign for liberty in Missouri, and his thoughts on President Trump and the Republican Party. 


Libertarian Republicans Strike Back!

September 18, 2017

In a piece for the Washington Examiner Jim Antle writes about a flurry of legislative and campaign activity from liberty Republicans. Antle's piece dives into Amash's efforts on Civil Asset Forfeiture and covers Rand Paul's move to force congress to restore constitutional war powers to the legislative branch. Austin Petersen, US Senate candidate (R) from Missouri breaks down the news and offers insight into what's happening in the liberty movement. 

Jim Antle's Piece


Is The Deep State Real?

September 8, 2017

US Senate candidate Austin Petersen discusses the sinister actions of bureaucrats whose powers exceed our public officials ability to control them. In the age of Donald Trump, have conservatives now realized the monster they've created will be used against them? 


People Finally Waking Up To Antifa Threat [PODCAST]

September 1, 2017

Politico reported on their front page today on the growing threat of "domestic terrorist organization" Antifa, writing on how DHS and local law enforcement have been seeing increasing attacks on protestors and demonstrators. Austin Petersen breaks down the news. 


Austin Petersen’s Announcement Speech for the US Senate

July 7, 2017

Freedom Report host Austin Petersen announced his candidacy for the US Senate in Missouri at his family farm in Peculiar. This is the audio from that event. 


Roger Stone to Donald Trump: Legalize Marijuana

June 19, 2017

Former Trump advisor Roger Stone has started a new lobbying institution to convince President Donald Trump to change his mind on federal cannabis laws. Austin Petersen breaks down the story.