Libertarian Republicans Strike Back!

September 18, 2017

In a piece for the Washington Examiner Jim Antle writes about a flurry of legislative and campaign activity from liberty Republicans. Antle's piece dives into Amash's efforts on Civil Asset Forfeiture and covers Rand Paul's move to force congress to restore constitutional war powers to the legislative branch. Austin Petersen, US Senate candidate (R) from Missouri breaks down the news and offers insight into what's happening in the liberty movement. 

Jim Antle's Piece


Is The Deep State Real?

September 8, 2017

US Senate candidate Austin Petersen discusses the sinister actions of bureaucrats whose powers exceed our public officials ability to control them. In the age of Donald Trump, have conservatives now realized the monster they've created will be used against them? 


People Finally Waking Up To Antifa Threat [PODCAST]

September 1, 2017

Politico reported on their front page today on the growing threat of "domestic terrorist organization" Antifa, writing on how DHS and local law enforcement have been seeing increasing attacks on protestors and demonstrators. Austin Petersen breaks down the news. 


Austin Petersen’s Announcement Speech for the US Senate

July 7, 2017

Freedom Report host Austin Petersen announced his candidacy for the US Senate in Missouri at his family farm in Peculiar. This is the audio from that event. 


Roger Stone to Donald Trump: Legalize Marijuana

June 19, 2017

Former Trump advisor Roger Stone has started a new lobbying institution to convince President Donald Trump to change his mind on federal cannabis laws. Austin Petersen breaks down the story. 


Bernie Sanders’ Weird Religious Test

June 12, 2017

Senator Bernie Sanders applied a weird religious test when questioning a new appointee from the Trump administration. Austin Petersen breaks down the news. 


Trump Proposes Privatizing Air Traffic Control: Pros and Cons

June 5, 2017

President Trump has proposed privatizing the air traffic contol system in the United States, following the examples of countries such as the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. But is the proposed bill everything it's cracked up to be? Austin Petersen weighs the pros and cons


7 Ways Liberals Are Helping Trump Get Reelected

May 31, 2017

Liberals seem to be going out of their way to make Trump look as sympathetic as possible. It's as if they're working on his reelection campaign, generating negative publicity in an attempt to smear the POTUS, but only making him stronger. It's like the 2016 Republican presidential primaries all over again, except this time the Democrats are playing the part of Trump's wimpy, low energy opponents. Oh well. At least Democrats know what Aleppo is, so it could be worse. Austin Petersen discusses the controversy. 


Liberals Defending Sweatshops

May 25, 2017

Buzzfeed posted an article in defense of sweatshops, quoting economists such as Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. When liberals are defending free market capitalism, you know something's up. Austin Petersen breaks down the news. 


How Roger Ailes Made Liberty Great Again

May 18, 2017

Former Fox News president Roger Ailes has died at age 77. Former Presidential candidate Austin Petersen recounts tales of his time at Fox Business Network, and relates a personal anecdote of how Roger Ailes' career inspired a stronger modern libertarian movement.