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January 7, 2018

Will the Trump/Bannon Feud Enable Ben Shapiro and Austin Petersen’s Libertarian/Conservative Alliance?

The new Fire and Fury book has set Washington ablaze in palace intrigue, culminating in the ouster of Steve Bannon from President Trump's good graces. But more important than the personality politics are the principles involved, and the policy outcomes from a president who is beholden to no one special interest or ideology. Will it result in a wave election of principled candidates who are free to advance the principles of liberty? 

DailyWire founder Ben Shapiro and Republican senate candidate Austin Petersen have been hinting of a new style of libertarian conservatism, which some have called "conservatarianism." If the nationalist populist influence has been replaced by free market ideals, and the president continues to embrace his businessman instincts, a great opportunity could present itself in this election year. 

Austin Petersen discusses in length the implications of recent events by reading from a book review of Fire and Fury by Jeffrey Tucker. 

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