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May 20, 2015

Will The Future Be A Techno-Libertarian Utopia? [PODCAST]

Today's Freedom Report podcast takes a look at the future of technology and its impact on liberty. Will Elon Musk's solar city project with Tesla give mankind the boost we need to get off this rock? Or are his plans doomed to fail due to solar energy subsidies that bolster his industry?

And what about our food supply? Anti-GMO activists around the world are preparing to march against Monsanto this weekend, but what would life on our planet be like if we didn't have the modern genetic engineering techniques that we use to sustain our healthy populations?

Also, how can libertarians best protect our radical belief in the primacy of the individual if we are surrounded by socialists? Max Borders, editor of The Freeman magazine and director of content for the Foundation for Economic Education joins the Freedom Report to discuss the "Ultimate Exit," or the plan behind the flight from civilization.

Max Borders' latest project is the culmination of these discussions at an upcoming conference in Austin, Texas called "Voice and Exit," where entrepreneurs and techn0-optimists such as himself will gather to discuss the future of human flourishing. Listen in on today's show for a sneak preview of what you can expect from these radical optimists.

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