Will Republicans Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016? [PODCAST]

January 7, 2015

The Freedom Report podcast today takes a look at the upcoming 2016 presidential election and asks if some Republicans might support Hillary Clinton

A Politico article from 2014 foreshadowed the fact that many establishment Republicans fear the rising populist sentiment in the GOP. Candidates like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are shunned over more moderate conservatives such as Jeb Bush by Wall Street Republicans. But if it became a battle between Paul and Clinton, would many Republicans choose to support her over their own candidate? 

Sadly, yes.

Today's podcast takes a look at just why so many Republicans would prefer Clinton over a Paul or Cruz. We dissect the thinking behind big government GOPers, and analyze what it would take for the true limited government movement to gain ground, avoiding an internal civil war, as we fight the larger battle with the establishment.

As FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe says, "Sometimes you have to beat the Republicans before you beat the Democrats."