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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.

February 25, 2014

Why Do Some People Want To Ban Pit Bulls? And should animals have rights? (PODCAST)

Token Libertarian Girl Julie Borowski joined the Freedom Report podcast to discuss issues concerning the banning of certain types of dogs, known as Breed Specific Legislation. Borowski is a big dog lover and has been using her platform to bring up issues surrounding the government interfering with property rights. 

And do animals have rights? Borowski takes on the question of whether laws that extended certain human rights to animals would do anything to stop people from harming them? What about dog fighting and Michael Vick? Should people be able to burn cats in the public square? How far do we let people go before we say there should be some mechanism from justice to stop them from engaging in maladjusted behavior? 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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