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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.

April 28, 2014

Why Are So Many Neocons Dive Bombing Rand Paul?

Jack Hunter joins the Freedom Report podcast again today along with associated editor Ian Huyett to discuss the neocon onslaught against Senator Rand Paul. Why are they piling on with so many attacks of of late? Everyone knows that Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin's Rand Paul Obsession, but why are so many others lining up to take turns tag-teaming him?

Also, what are the best strategies for liberty? Libertarians tend to be critical of neocons who would force their views on democracy on others. But what about the philosophy of "Rothbard's Button?" Is it a libertarian solution to impose liberty on a nation, if other people in the country don't want it? What are the best ways to get people to accept libertarian ideas, without forcing them on others? 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast! 

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