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September 16, 2014

Why Are People Harassing The Naughty Girls Donut Shop? (PODCAST)

Leave The Naughty Girls Alone! LEAVE THEM ALONE! 

A 17-year-old entrepreneur is fulfilling her dream of running her own small business in Front Royal, Virginia. But despite her determination and hard work, Tiana Ramos and her mother are facing opposition from a local Catholic group over their "Naughty Girls Donut Shop," which features a WWII-era pinup girl logo and positively sinful fried treats.

"They literally threw trash at the door and said, 'Naughty Girls burn in hell'," Ramos said. "I started bawling, right there."

9News reported that the ladies started receiving negative comments about their restaurant on Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. "They were talking about how the girls look like hussies, they didn't talk about the food or the service," Tiana said.

The local Catholics of Front Royal are unhappy about the name of the Donut Shop, claiming that the logo has a "devil tail" in it. Do you see one? The Catholic group is threatening a boycott of the group, demanding the company stop advertising in the local newspaper.

Despite all this, Ms Ramos is unswayed. She refuses to relocate or back down. "They're the reason we're staying here," she said.

Good for her! Why do some people want to discourage this fine young woman in her entrepreneurial pursuits? And why are so many people so interested in slut shaming? We wag our finger right back at the pearl-clutchers on this special episode of The Freedom Report podcast!



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