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October 29, 2014

What’s The Difference Between Hitting On A Girl And True Harassment? [PODCAST]

The Freedom Report podcast takes on the issue today of a video which campaigns against catcalling. LibertyViral.com reported on the story, which shows a woman claiming to be verbally harassed 100 times on the streets of New York City. The problem is, many, if not most of the men who approach her are actually very polite. Aren't many of these just harmless flirting? Still, there are definitely a few creeps in the segment so as to make the entire experiment a valid one worth discussing

Is there a difference between harmless flirting and harassment?

The conclusions that we should draw from this video are many. The conclusions many feminists will draw from it however, are more than likely to be the desire to create more laws, such as the California bill. Never mind that the new California sexual assault legislation, which creates a preponderance of evidence standard, fosters an environment hostile to due process. No, instead lets focus on trying to demonize an entire gender's flirtatiousness as hostile [RELATED: Does Government Think Women Are Too Weak To Say No To Sex? PODCAST]

Another interesting point in the video, which the creators don't wish to discuss, is the racial aspect of it. While the ethnicity of the girl is somewhat ambigous, the ethnicity of her catcallers definitely is not. Do the producers not wish to discuss the cultural implications of the video? Would her responses to the harassment have been different if she were walking down Wall Street and her catcallers were white and/or wealthy? We may never know. 

True harassment is wrong and it is something that it should be stopped. But how should it be stopped? Should we teach women how to say no? Or should we try and tell men not to talk to women on the street entirely? Is the answer somewhere in the mushy middle? 

All that and more, with a very special guest on this episode of the Freedom Report podcast! 

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