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July 30, 2014

This Former Green Beret Has Some Incredible Stories About Politics And Growing Up In The 50’s

Today’s episode of the Freedom Report podcast features a very, EXTRA special guest: Former Green Beret and father of TLR’s editor, John D. Petersen. Petersen was a Green Beret back when it meant something, during the war years of Vietnam 1966-68. And although he never had to go to that hellhole, Petersen has many a childhood friend whose name adorns The Wall.

Today’s show takes on the current issue of whether chivalry still exists, and whether it is ever OK for a man to hit a woman. Whoopi Goldberg’s recent comments on The View about the subject sparked a firestorm debate over whether women should expect that if they hit a man that they might get hit back. Petersen relates his experience growing up in the 1950′s, and whether things have changed that much in relationships between men and women.

Petersen recounts the story of the night he and his buddies went to go see a Barry Goldwater speech when he was running for president. And even though he’s a strict conservative, did he vote for old Barry? Or did he vote for LBJ?

Also, what does Petersen think of the conflict between Israel and Palestine? Does he think Israel should use any means necessary to defend himself?

And what does Mr. Petersen think of the police and authority in general? The story this old guy has to tell about this night at the drive-thru in the 60′s where a bunch of drunk cops started calling his girlfriend’s ‘whores’ will knock your socks off.

All that and more on this very special and very fun episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

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