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June 25, 2015

The Libertarian Republic Answers Our Reader’s Questions [PODCAST]

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast is our viewer mail edition, where we answer the best questions taken from our readers. From sex, drugs, marriage, abortion, advertising, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, hot dogs, the TPP, the TPA, Jack Hunter, and questions about the cosmos, this podcast has it all. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes!

We answered the following questions and more: 

Victoria Carla Nevarez Will you marry me?

Zaid Islam What are your views on abortion and why is it so?

Frank Saunders Are the Christian (or monotheist) libertarian and atheist libertarian truly allied and working for the same outcome?

Steven Snyder Is it me or is it the "Libertarian Party" is no longer the party of Ron Paul?I would get in discussions with people on the LP FB page and they came off as another wing of the Democrats.

Brian McGovern When will you be getting rid of the mobile redirect ads on the website. I don't visit much anymore, because it always takes forever to come back and find the article I'm trying to read.

Bill Arevalo Why don't you own a semi auto rifle? Do you hate freedom?!!!

Cory Soulier To how small of a degree do you think government should get? What's your cutoff?

Anthony Garrett Do you agree that Tom Hardy was a beast in Mad Max: Fury Road?

Nicole Bilous Is there anything big I can do to bring libertarianism to Canadian politics?

Steven Snyder Boxers or briefs?

Victoria Carla Nevarez Why are you hating on Ted Cruz so much? Is it because you hate freedom?

Robert Griffis When it comes to the ladies, do you prefer quality over quantity or vice-versa?

Della Sala Ohana How do you feel about transgender Fallon Fox fighting against women in MMA? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallon_Fox

Caroline Kozar Nordlund Why isn't there more media attention on TPA, TPP? Coincidence. ..or coverup?

Jason Stenack Would you be willing to find out how many federal laws there are on the books in the US as well as our rival countries to see where we actually stand in our level of freedom against them? Meaning, the more laws you have on the books the less free you are. Do you think that is even a good measurement of freedom? Furthermore, do you think we'd have more or less than say, Russia, China, or Iran? If we did have more than those countries or even a few countries what do you think that says about America still being the land of the free and do you think it would change people's perceptions any if that were the case? I often wonder this and suspect we have more laws than some of the countries we often chide as being anti-freedom.

Cliff Jones Can you provide an historical example of a limited government that has not grown uncontrollably?

Lily Sikes If you could remove any amendment from the constitution, what would you remove and why?

Will Stanton Austin, do you believe a Libertarian Foreign Policy is completely irrational or even undesirable given the current crisises overseas?

Joseph Vida Is there any connection between Jack Hunter changing course on the Confederate Flag and Rand Paul taking a similar stance.They have a very deep history together as friends.Some speculate Jack is doing things for political reasons,to help Rand.Actually my friend Blake made a comment on both of them that leaves me questioning the sincerity of Jack.Anyway,I enjoy your podcasts and look forward to seeing which questions you answer.

Andrew Mike I'm a new listener and reader, so maybe you answerd this question already but, were you always a Libratarian? If not, what were you prior?

Ian Overton Is Victoria Carla Nevarez really a white guy from Ohio with a roofing company?

Chuck Flurry In regards to the origins of the universe, we are faced with two choices: either 1) something came from nothing, or 2) something has always existed. Which do you believe?

Kimberly Ward Do you think erasing history by removing flags and statues is really going to make a difference with what's going on right now in our Country? Doesn't history teach us lessons? Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Jessica Dantin Sup?

Robert Lee Would you ever consider running for public office?

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