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July 10, 2015

Should You Be Allowed To Carry Weapons While Drinking Alcohol? TLR Answers Reader’s Questions. [EXPLICIT, PODCAST]

Today's Freedom Report podcast is a fun-filled freakfest, full of funny questions about politics, life, sex, and everything else. The lovely Irish Laura "Shore an begorrah" Meyers joins us, as well as one of our favorite Canadians Ryan "The Lion" Carillo! Please subscribe on iTunes! And remember, if you hate our advertising, you can subscribe for a low monthly fee! Check it out, and we posted all the questions we answered below. 

Jim E. Rustler If a female tree falls in the forest, but no one is around to hear it, who raped it?

-----> Richard Sloboda Well first of all of the female tree had lower hanging leaves she wouldn't have been raped in the first place

Nathan J. Lauffer If man caused climate change were real, and as described by the political left, would government intervention be needed or could the free market solve it in some way?

Kurt Stubbe Muslim women want to cover their faces during citizenship ceremonies in Canada. Yes or no?

Justin Grell: What is the best way to win over a lady I have been crushing on since middle school, oh master?

Caleb Alexander Franz Would you like to see a Paul v Sanders face off next year?

Keith Whitworth Do you even lift, bro?

Eric Albon What's your favorite Ron Swanson moment?

Nathan J. Lauffer Are you even pro-life in the case of rape and incest? Do you believe life begins at conception? If not, when does it? If so, what do you believe should be done with frozen embryos that aren't used?

Mike Fenn: Do you feel that being a libertarian requires a basic belief that people if given the right opportunity will make the correct decision?

James Pickett should ppl be allowed to carry a weapon while out drinking alcohol?

Jerome Alexander Longoria Do you take interns?

Rich Hilgemann What do you think about all the rank and file Republicans in state legislatures moving towards a more Libertarian view on marriage? Would you support state run civil unions that would allow anyone to be contractually bound to another person for monetary policy? How would the federal government deal with the lost revenue from inheritance and death taxes once people figure out that they can be civilly united to anyone including family members?

Lily Sikes Will you give my marathon fundraising page for Misericordia a shout-out? http://www.firstgiving.com/.../2015-bank-of-america...

Misericordia offers a community of care that maximizes potential for persons with mild to profound developmental disabilities, many of whom are also physically challenged. Through a spectrum of residential options on its 31-acre Chicago campus and in the community, and with a wide variety of job programs, Misericordia currently serves more than 600 children and adults from diverse racial, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Twenty percent of our residents either come from poverty families or have no families and are wards of the State. Misericordia cannot provide the high standard of care without donations from private funders. While some charitable organizations are angry with Illinois Governor Rauner for budget cuts and continue to beg the state for more funding, Misericordia is instead trying to increase voluntary contributions. Every little bit counts in helping those with developmental disabilities not only survive, but lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Also for discussion: In your opinion, in a perfect libertarian society, would charity and non-profit organizations still be able to survive?

Nathan J. Lauffer Will you be open to officially joining Rand's campaign team?

Jessica Dantin How do you sleep knowing jet fuel can't melt steal beams?

Jimmy Bilello Would you ever run for any government position?

Dave Johnson And what are your thoughts on giving Puerto Rico statehood?

Jim E. Rustler If Hillary is elected, and we get our Liberal Utopia that you and I used to fantasize about late at night on the phone, will white people finally just move to Somalia?

Gary Kenneth Grasser What's your favorite bass lure?

Joe Burke Do you believe Rands proposed 14.5 percent flat tax plan could realistically be implemented and balance the budget given our current fiscal situation and obligations? What do you feel is the most just way for the government to generate revenue?

Alaina Kathryn IF Rand Paul doesn't get the nomination, who is the next candidate you would choose to "run" the nation?

Ryan Carrillo Selfie sticks: yes or no?

Christopher Ranney Why?

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