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May 20, 2014

Should People Be Able To Abort Gay Babies? (PODCAST)

The Libertarian Republic hosted a poll yesterday asking our readers what their position on abortion would be if you could kill the baby on the basis of their sexual orientation. The results might surprise you. 

From the question, "Should a mother be able to abort a gay baby?", our readers responded overwhelmingly, "no."

Out of 473 votes, 112 people (23.7%) voted yes, that a mother can abort a child for any reason. The majority voted, "No, abortion is always wrong for whatever reason." While a very small minority of very confused people voted, "No, aborting babies over sexual preference is wrong," but they believed that "All other reasons are OK." 


The intent of the poll was to expose the hypocrisy amongst liberal democrats who believe that abortion is OK for any reason. A bill was proposed in California that would have banned abortion on the basis of gender. Democrats killed it in the crib. But would they still feel the same way if Christian conservatives were aborting babies because we could find out that they were gay? 

Needlessly divisive, or an important question to test people's principles? Listen to the Freedom Report podcast and leave your thoughts below. 

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