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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.

October 22, 2015

Rand Paul vs The Eventual Libertarian Party Candidate - Disaster Or Blessing? [PODCAST]

Is it possible to support more than one candidate for president in 2016?

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast takes a look at the state of the liberty movement. Does it have to be Rand Paul or none at all? What are our strengths and weaknesses as a movement? 

Politico has been taking aim at Rand Paul and the liberty movement in recent weeks, publishing story after story attacking us, spreading lies and misinformation sprinkled with just enough truth to hit hard. A story titled "The False rise and fall of Rand Paul" is full of distortions and half-truths that all aim at one goal, undermining the liberty movement and our champions. This episode of the Freedom Report breaks down what's true and what isn't in the piece, as well as offers some insight into what might happen if Rand Paul were to win the GOP nomination and be forced to compete against an eventual Libertarian Party presidential nominee. 

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