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March 23, 2015

Rand Paul v. Ted Cruz 2016 - “GOP Civil War Special Edition” [PODCAST]

Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president in 2016. Will his supporters come at a loss for Senator Rand Paul? 

Today's Freedom Report podcast breaks down what challenges lay ahead for these two limited government candidates. Both have different strengths and weaknesses, but both carry the hearts and support from Tea Party loyalists in the Republican Party. While grassroots politics often mixes, the waning strength of the conservative and libertarian coalitions presents a sincere challenge to limited government devotees, who tend to have feet in both camps. 

Will Senator Cruz play up a vision of the son of an immigrant, whose flight from Communist Cuba shaped his love of free markets and liberty? Cruz's announcement at Liberty University was a paean to belief in the God of the New Testament, and a deemphasizing of his more radical aspects. Will his pandering to social conservatives play to populist hispanics, eager to leave the heathen Democratic Party for more heavenly Republican aspirations?

And what of Senator Rand Paul? Although he's becoming a popular punching bag for purist libertarians, his record of constitutionality, courage in fighting abuses of privacy and surveillance, and principled stands against Obama are too good to pass up. Real Rand Paul supporters know that he's got to play the game, but does that mean we're selling out our principles in supporting him? 

All this and more! And PLUS joining us today on the Freedom Report podcast SPECIAL GUESTS: TLR Contributor Josh Guckert, and Keith Farrell. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes! 

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