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November 13, 2014

[PODCAST] Rubio & Ryan V. Obamacare, Liz Warren’s Socialism, Mia Love’s White Privilege + Taylor Swift & Lorde V. Diplo

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast is a variety show extravaganza! Our topics include: Obamacare, Elizabeth WarrenMia Love and a special report on the Taylor Swift feud on Twitter! Listen in and subscribe on iTunes! Also, don't forget to take our latest poll to tell us whether or not you give to panhandlers.

TOP NEWS: The GOP Vs. Obamacare

Is the Republican Party going to "replace" Obamacare with something worse? Did you know that someone once asked Thomas Sowell what we should replace the Federal Reserve with if we abolished it. Do you know what he said? "When you remove a cancer, what do you replace it with?" That's about how I feel about the GOP's Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan talking about replacing Obamacare. My strategy that I discuss in this show can be summed up in three words: REPEAL! REPEAL! REPEAL!

Democrats Committed To Socialism

Democrats are pushing Senator Elizabeth Warren into roles with more responsibility. I posted on my Facebook page today my thoughts.

Historic First Black Republican Woman In Congress Inspires Democrat Hate

Mia Love from Utah is already making liberal heads spin. One Ph.D. wrote that she doesn't represent her own race, or their cultural oppression. She benefits from "white privilege." Oi yoi, yoi! 

Pop Stars Twitter War!

Taylor Swift, Lorde vs. Diplo & Katy Perry

Gawker has a hilarious piece about a feud that's erupted between pop stars and famous DJ Diplo. Diplo tweeted that someone needed to kickstarter a campaign to get his former girlfriend Taylor Swift a booty. Ouch! That may sound harsh, but Swift did notably create an album called "Bad Blood" to describe their relationship. Maybe she had it coming? 

Oh no! Because Lorde, old soul that she is, fired back at Diplo about his *ahem*, masculinity. 


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