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February 11, 2015

Obama Asks Congress To Go To War Against ISIS

President Obama will reportedly seek congressional authorization to expand the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The president's request for a new authorization for the use of military force is said to include a sunset provision, requiring congress to reconsider the executive's warmaking power after three years. 

Obama will speak today at 3pm ET from the White House to explain how his proposal is meant to show solidarity of the American people in their desire to stem Islamic extremism, and defend against possible future acts of terrorism against the United States. The proposal is an act of democratic deliberation, meaning that the executive was already authorized under the 2001 AUMF to make war on terror everywhere indefinitely. This new proposal cancels the 2002 Iraq authorization, while the president also states that he will attempt to cancel the 2001 indefinite AUMF as well. 

Also, we include an interview today with 16-year-old Brandon Keibler, whose Project Digital Privacy is meant to inform and educate the American people on issues of warrantless surveillance. This brief 8-minute interview at the end of the show features a wide-ranging discussion about the high schooler's campaign for civil liberties. 

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