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February 3, 2015

Kooks, Cranks, Vaccines, Conspiracy Theorists & Rand Paul

The Freedom Report podcast takes on the issue of vaccines today. We discuss comments by Senator Rand Paul which set vaccine conspiracy theorists into a tizzy, and pro-science libertarians into a tizzy. Did Paul's anecdotal comments about "hearing stories" of kids harmed by vaccines just deep six his presidential ambitions. Just why do politicians like Barack Obama and others pander to the kook lobby? Probably because they're bored, home alone reading Natural News, and they vote. 

Todays podcast pushes back against the anti-vaccine fearmongers, dealing with the question of individual rights, parental rights, and the danger of outbreaks of serious diseases. Do you have a right not to vaccinate your child? Yes. Do you have a right to send that child to public school? Hell no! And as Judge Andrew Napolitano recently said on the topic, "most fears are irrational." 

Gloom and doom prophets of disaster have been cooking up lies and legends of vaccines imagined dangers, scaring parents, and terrorizing critics for years. Now after decades of politicians pandering, and professional bullsh** artist conspiracy-theorist radio hosts fearmongering for profit, we see the results on full display: children dead from curable diseases. 

All that and more on this hot button issue on today's episode of the Freedom Report. 

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