Jeffrey Tucker on Secession, Anarchism, & Cryptocurrency [PODCAST]

January 27, 2015

Chief Liberty Officer of Jeffrey Tucker joins the Freedom Report podcast today to discuss his new book "Bit by Bit," as well as current events of interest to libertarians. Tucker and TLR editor Austin Petersen have a wide ranging discussion about Senator Rand Paul and his relationship to his father Ron Paul, as well as the rights of individuals. 

Do some libertarians hate government more than they love liberty? Is secession legal? Is it moral? Can it be both illegal and immoral? Can it be illegal and moral? Tucker's anarcho-capitalist view of the world is put to the test with a debate about how individuals can be free of coercion, whether state or non-state. 

Today's Freedom Report is a fascinating insight into the events currently roiling the liberty movement. A little inside baseball, but sometimes we must engage one another in order to find out what it is we truly believe. Don't miss this special episode and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a 5 star review!