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October 5, 2015

Is Rand Paul Losing Because He’s Not A Racist or a Conspiracy Theorist? [PODCAST]

Fox News published an op-ed this week titled "The collapse of Rand Paul and the libertarian moment that never was." In it, author Jerry Taylor describes how Paul is failing because the American libertarian movement isn't really libertarian, and wouldn't know how to sell the message even if it were coherent anyway. 

From Fox News: 

The secret of Trump’s appeal to Paul’s base is that a large segment of the “Ron Paul Revolution” leavened its libertarianism with a pony keg of crazy. Birthers, 9/11 Truthers, a wide assortment of conspiracy theorists (many of whom believe the Federal Reserve to be a modern manifestation of the Illuminati), and naked racists rivaled the number of reasonably sober libertarian-ish voters among the faithful.

Trump won their hearts by throwing even more crazy into the mix and stirring up a white, working class populism last given political life by George Wallace.

Paul let these voters down because he was disinclined to offer the distasteful dog whistles that his father traded for extremist support, much less the louder, baser appeals that are Trump’s stock-in-trade.

The second voter bloc Rand Paul hoped to bring into his camp—Tea Partiers—has likewise rejected the Kentucky Republican. That’s because there are few Libertarians there, either.

Today's Freedom Report podcast breaks down these statements, and analyzes the current state of the liberty movement to show why these claims may or may not be true. Listen, and subscribe on iTunes. 

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