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August 4, 2014

Is It Time For Libertarian Christians And Atheists To Forge A New Alliance?

The first annual meeting of Christians for Liberty took place last week in Austin, Texas. The gathering was put together by Norman Horn, who argues that government has replaced God in modern society. With the rise of the new atheist movement, and it's influence within modern libertarianism, is it time for libertarian Christians and atheists to forge a new alliance? 

One of the speakers at the conference, Jason Rink, said: “One of the issues that we have when trying to enter this discussion is understanding that many people are unaware of the kind of allegiance and the way that they look to the state as a replacement for God … [Government] seeks to embody and replace some of the characteristics of God and take them on for themselves."

The Freedom Report podcast today takes on the issue of how the expansion of government welfare has come at the expense of private religious charities. Should welfare really be considered "charity" if it's taken from taxpayers by force? Also, with atheism on the rise, will secularist libertarians need to soften their approach to Christian libertarians if they want to expand the big tent and attract more people to the philosophy of freedom? 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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