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February 5, 2015

How The Media Lies To You, And Why You Love It [PODCAST]

"It doesn't matter what I say, as long I say it with inflection..."

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast focuses in on the story of NBC Anchor Brian Williams and his embarrassing admonition that he lied about being in a helicopter that was grounded by a RPG in Iraq. Our show will explain how the media lies to you, why they lie, and why you love it when they do.

Don't blame the media for bad politics ladies and gentlemen. They have an incentive to lie to you. Telling the truth isn't profitable. Why? Because the truth hurts. Because we all prefer to confirm our biases. We prefer sweet lies to the sour truth because everyone would rather not have to change our beliefs and opinions.

"There is something amiss... I am being insincere... in fact I don't mean any of this... still, my confession draws you near..."

Ladies and gentlemen, today's show may be the most important show we've ever done. Like all the great men of the past, today I stand before you and tell you the plain, unvarnished truth. The story of your own enslavement. I lift the veil on the media, and how the masses get what they ask for.

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"confuse the issue of reform... familiar heroes from long ago..."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, nothing will ever change in the media. Why? Because we prefer to confirm our biases, and stay within our tribe. We punish heretics, and we scapegoat them, driving them from the herd. "You're not a libertarian"? 

"But the hook brings you back... I ain't tellin' you no lie"

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