Homeowner Convicted of Premeditated Murder For Shooting Burglars (PODCAST)

May 30, 2014

Homeowner Byron Smith was convicted of premeditated murder and given two life sentences without chance of parole for shooting and killing two thieves who had repeatedly burgled his residence over the course of a summer.

Smith was convicted after a jury listened to an audio recording of the incident that the man had captured which revealed him laying a trap for the burglars and shooting them both after they broke into his basement where he had been hiding. Smith's rants after the shootings appear to paint him in a bad light due to the manner in which he first shot one burglar, then hid their body in a tarp, and then shot the other, finishing them off with extra shots and stating openly that he did it to make sure they would never come back to hurt him later.

So was his shooting of the burglars justified? And if not, what should have been the sentence? Surely not premeditated murder? All that and more on this episode of the Freedom Report podcast.