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May 11, 2015

Here’s Why Progressives Are Hypocrites About Everything [PODCAST]

LA Times Points Out That Progressives Are Libertarians of Convenience

A new column from the LA Times tears into progressives for being hypocrites, calling them "Libertarians of onvenience" when it comes to government regulations. 

Aaron Ren penned a column describing how urban progressives decry regulation when it comes to food trucks or marijuana, but think that Wal-Mart and cigarettes should be regulated out of existence. They love Uber and Lyft, but ban plastic bags. Libertarians of Convenience lack a baseline understanding of how all regulations are fundamentally at odds with liberty. 

Liberals will counter with the argument that they only want to regulate industries that are obviously bad for people, but that is turned on its face by the reality that they seek to deregulate the raw milk industry, which hospitalizes approximately 100 a year, and sickens nearly 1,000. 

And look at e-cigarettes, for example. Liberals want them as tightly regulated as regular cigarettes, even though there is no scientific link to cancer. It doesn't matter. Libertarians of convenience lack a fully realized understanding of economic freedom, and thus are hypocrites, regulating the industries they see as uncool, and deregulating whatever is their fad of the week. 

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast takes aim at these progressive hypocrites, and points out that these accusations do often describe many conservative's beliefs on regulation as well. 

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