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January 26, 2015

Does Rand Paul Have Daddy Issues? [PODCAST]

The Freedom Report podcast today analyze the relationship between Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul. A new Washington Post article carried the provocative title, "Daddy Issues: Are Ron Paul's hardcore stands a problem for son's presidential bid."  Our podcast today analyzes the piece, which focuses on comments the elder Paul made regarding secession. 

Is Secession legal? Is it moral? Or is it illegal and immoral? Can it be illegal and immoral? Today's show will delve into that. We'll also discuss "disaster porn," fearmongering for profit, and the differences between a libertarian optimist and a libertarian pessimist. If we tell the American people that they have no future unless the government collapses, will people be likely to want us in positions of influence? Maybe there's a good reason that libertarianism isn't very popular? 

Plus, this show tells the very true story of a Democrat who approached editor Austin Petersen about selling out the movement. Beware the mountebanks and fraudsters who wish to profit off our momentum. Charlatans abound when there's money to be made. 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast! 

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