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June 10, 2014

Conspiracy Theory Killers In Nevada - Is The Liberty Movement Full Of Psychos? (PODCAST)

The Freedom Report takes on the difficult issue of policing our own today. After reports surfaced of two conspiracy theorists who went on a shooting rampage, killing two cops and a concealed carry owner, some people calling themselves libertarians claimed that the murderers were heroes. Left wing media outlets licked their lips in glee at the reports that killers Jerad and Amanda Miller were fans of Ron PaulFreedomWorksRand Paul, and most notably conspiracy theorist supreme: Alex Jones.

Of course any fringe movement will attract lunatics. The communists in the 1960's had to deal with Lee Harvey Oswald killing the very anticommunist President John F Kennedy. But one of the leading progressives of the time, a man named Saul Alinsky, instructed his fellow socialists to cut their hair, wear a suit and infiltrate if they wanted to actually bring their ideas to power. But many libertarians have expressed hostility at people who suggest they should clean up their act and stop acting like freaks if they want to actually change things. Is it really statism to suggest that taking a shower before you go to an open carry event might be a good idea?

The Libertarian Republic Associate Editor Ian Huyett and Austin Petersen break down the difference between moral and legal responsibility for driving people insane, as well as deconstructs the idea of whether kooky fringe types are the majority of libertarians, or just a vocal minority. 

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