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May 15, 2014

Can A Man Strike A Woman In Self Defense? (PODCAST)

The entire world is talking about the video released by TMZ showing rapper Jay Z being assaulted by his wife Beyonce's sister named Solange. Jay Z was attacked in an elevator at the Standard Hotel, while his wife Beyonce stood by and watched. Luckily, the bouncer was able to subdue the psycho sister-in-law, holding her back while she launched flurries of punches and kicks at the superstar. So why didn't Jay Z strike her back? Is there a sexist double standard between the genders over who can commit violent assault?

Sarah Miller, TLR contributor
Sarah Miller, TLR contributor

Newly minted Libertarian Republic contributor Sarah Miller joins the Freedom Report podcast today to talk about the dustup and the issues of gender violence. Miller debates whether or not there's a double standard, comparing the fight to when Rihanna was beaten by her boyfriend Chris Brown and the ensuing media hullaballoo. If Jay Z had beaten Solange like Brown had beaten Rihanna, would this have been a totally different story?

Also, what are the privacy implications of having every single life event of ours recorded on camera? Is there no privacy anymore? How should people behave knowing that there is a good chance that anything we do could be seen by millions of people overnight? Miller takes this on, as well as delves into the issue of revenge porn and her own dirty indiscretions on the Freedom Report podcast.

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