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September 15, 2016

4th Grade Teacher In Trouble For “Inappropriate Attire”

Is #TeacherBae Too Sexy For Her Class?
ATLANTA, GA - A fourth grade teacher is in hot water after she caused an uproar on social media over her allegedly inappropriate attire. Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast analyzes the body standards, gendered and racial issues, as well as puritanical influences at play in the story. Patrice Brown's Instagram account blew up to the tune of 214k followers in the wake of the scandal. But is this a classic case of "hate us cause they ain't us?" Or does #TeacherBae need to tone it down when it comes to the style of outfits she wears for her 10-year-old students? 
All this and more, including special guest Ashley Lewandowski to comment on during this very special episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

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