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June 17, 2014

15 BS Myths That Liberal Weenies Want You To Believe (PODCAST)

Rabble-rousing rockstar Gavin McInnes is out with his latest list of "hatefacts" that are sure to piss off every white liberal weenie who has the guts to read them. He calls them "15 Myths That Millenials Want You To Believe," but we all know that 'millenials' is just code words for liberal weenies. After all, it was McInnes who boldly called out white liberal nerds for worshiping at the altar of Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Was America stolen from the Indians? Is the U.S. really a nation of immigrants? Is a "tranny" really a woman? Was America built on slavery? Do women really make less than men? And what about the gays? Do they really live the same lives as straight people? Gavin's list is the most controversial thing we've read recently and certainly deserves your attention! 

You can read McInnes' article here.

(15 BS Myths Millenials Believe As Fact)

In a podcast that's sure to offend everyone, the Freedom Report takes on Gavin's list to confirm or debunk many of the "myths" that McInnes postulates. We admit, we're big fans of his work here, but some of the things that he posits are just blatantly untrue. Do you agree, or disagree? Listen to the show and leave your thoughts below.


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