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Paul Krugman writing in the New York Times thinks that millennials who support Gary Johnson are ignorant. Poll after poll shows that young people aged 18-34 overwhelmingly support the Libertarian Party's candidate. Krugman sees this as a danger to his preferred candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Krugman rattles off a list of policy positions that he thinks would give people pause before voting for Johnson, such as libertarians' views that we should abolish the IRS, get the government out of education, and reduce environmental regulations. But he neglects to mention that libertarians also want to end the war on drugs, and reduce American militarism around the globe. If anyone's contributing to the ignorance of young people, it's Krugman and his shameless hit piece, which isn't so much an attack on Gary Johnson per se (since he doesn't support much of the LP's platform), as it is on libertarianism in general. 

Today's Freedom Report podcast breaks down the article and offers a scathing rebuttal courtesy of host and former presidential candidate Austin Petersen. 
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Is #TeacherBae Too Sexy For Her Class?
ATLANTA, GA - A fourth grade teacher is in hot water after she caused an uproar on social media over her allegedly inappropriate attire. Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast analyzes the body standards, gendered and racial issues, as well as puritanical influences at play in the story. Patrice Brown's Instagram account blew up to the tune of 214k followers in the wake of the scandal. But is this a classic case of "hate us cause they ain't us?" Or does #TeacherBae need to tone it down when it comes to the style of outfits she wears for her 10-year-old students? 
All this and more, including special guest Ashley Lewandowski to comment on during this very special episode of the Freedom Report podcast!
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News of North Korea's recent nuclear tests have drawn attention to the hermit kingdom as of late. President Obama claimed in a response that the United States will never accept North Korea as a nuclear state. Libertarians have long held heated foreign policy debates centering around this individual threat, with Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson claiming it's America's #1 threat to national security. But will cooler, more non-interventionist heads prevail? 

Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report podcast on The Libertarian Republic news sites discusses the past and present histories in the nearly century-long conflict that pits ideals against realities. Hard power vs. soft power, diplomacy vs. bombs. What will be the outcome of the struggle on the Korean peninsula? Will the Un dynasty end in war, or dissolve into a humanitarian crisis that will stretch the limits of international aid and outreach. All this and more on the Freedom Report podcast. 
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September 8, 2016

Gary Johnson Aleppo Gaffe?

Governor Gary Johnson stumbled on a foreign policy question on MSNBC this morning, when asked "What would you do about Aleppo?" Austin Petersen reacts...

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A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. Stein is accused of defacing private property after she was seen spray painting a bulldozer owned by a company which is installing a pipeline in North Dakota. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe worries that the planned pipeline could contaminate its drinking water and sacred lands.

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Arch conspiracy theorist and owner of Infowars.com Alex Jones has declared war on Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson. But why? Doesn't Jones claim to be a libertarian? So what's got him set against the former two term governor of New Mexico? Today's podcast breaks down the real reason that Jones has decided to set himself against governor Johnson. 

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