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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.


Is climate change going to kill us all? Today's Freedom Report welcomes back one of our favorite guests the Science Babe, a research chemist and debunker of all things woo. Science Babe and The Libertarian Republic's editor spar over the best solutions to combat the problem... and whether climate change is really a problem at all.

For years, central planners have been terrifying the populace into believing that all manner of evil would result from "global warming," and yet many of those dangers have failed to materialize. Now after an extreme branding makeover, it's no longer global warming, but "climate change." Why the change? Science Babe has answers.

How should scientific consensus shape our policy making? Sure, vaccines save lives, but it's a lot easier to get a shot than to pass legislation demanding carbon taxes and expect that to actually have some sort of meaningful impact. So if that's the case, and if climate change is dangerous, what should be the solutions? Listen in and don't forget to subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes and leave us a 5-star review! 


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Libertarian Talk Show Host Jason Stapleton

Libertarian talk show host Jason Stapleton joins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and liberty's chances in 2016. Is this the last stand for freedom lovers? Our show today focuses on the presidential aspirations of the two tea party types, and pits the ideas of libertarianism against the real world realities we freedom lovers will have to face. 

The liberty movement is clearly at a crossroads, with the failed presidential candidacies of Congressman Ron Paul igniting a stronger movement whose hopes are pinned on the potential nomination of his son Senator Rand Paul. Many believe that this is the high water mark for the liberty movement, and wonder if we don't win this election whether there may ever be a better chance to advance our common principles. 

Is 2016 the last stand? Stapleton, a father, former Marine, currency trader, and libertarian activist weighs in. Listen in and find out, and don't forget to subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes, and subscribe to Jason Stapleton's show on Youtube. 

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Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president in 2016. Will his supporters come at a loss for Senator Rand Paul? 

Today's Freedom Report podcast breaks down what challenges lay ahead for these two limited government candidates. Both have different strengths and weaknesses, but both carry the hearts and support from Tea Party loyalists in the Republican Party. While grassroots politics often mixes, the waning strength of the conservative and libertarian coalitions presents a sincere challenge to limited government devotees, who tend to have feet in both camps. 

Will Senator Cruz play up a vision of the son of an immigrant, whose flight from Communist Cuba shaped his love of free markets and liberty? Cruz's announcement at Liberty University was a paean to belief in the God of the New Testament, and a deemphasizing of his more radical aspects. Will his pandering to social conservatives play to populist hispanics, eager to leave the heathen Democratic Party for more heavenly Republican aspirations?

And what of Senator Rand Paul? Although he's becoming a popular punching bag for purist libertarians, his record of constitutionality, courage in fighting abuses of privacy and surveillance, and principled stands against Obama are too good to pass up. Real Rand Paul supporters know that he's got to play the game, but does that mean we're selling out our principles in supporting him? 

All this and more! And PLUS joining us today on the Freedom Report podcast SPECIAL GUESTS: TLR Contributor Josh Guckert, and Keith Farrell. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes! 

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Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer joins the Freedom Report podcast today to discuss his biting essay on military spending which was recently featured on FoxNews.com. Shaffer argues that Republican senators John McCain and Mac Thornberry aren't helping national security by demanding billions more in the military budget than was requested by the Pentagon. 

From Shaffer: 

Last week, the chairs of the both the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that the Pentagon’s base budget should be restored to its pre-Budget Control Act (BCA) level of around $577 billion for FY 2016. This is not only $78 billion more than the law says it should be, but billions more ($15 billion, to be exact) than the president requested in his fairy-tale budget request. More unnecessary spending that is unfocused and unnecessary.


Because there is no national security strategy – no basic benchmark to measure progress of strategic effort – there is no ‘point of reference’ from which to judge the Pentagon’s capacity to defend the U.S. or our interests. 


And, on top of all this nonsense, according to a recent Government Accountability Office assessment more than half of the Pentagon’s top weapons programs increased in cost last year to the tune of $27 billion., That’s about what the entire Department of Energy spends in one year and about half of the Department of Homeland Security’s annual budget. Wow…do you feel safer?

The lack of global strategy and strategic thinking has left the Pentagon with no way to gauge whether it is spending its money in an effective manner. The Defense Department is the only federal agency that has not completed an audit.

Also, in this episode, Colonel Shaffer and editor Austin Petersen discuss libertarians vs neocons in the GOP. Would Shaffer trust American national security to the libertarian insurgency currently trying to wrest power away from the hawks in the Republican Party? Can a coalition of Ronald Reagan-style conservatives and libertarians build enough strength to win the nomination for a less hawkish candidate? 

All that and more on this episode of the Freedom Report podcast! 

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The writing team at The Libertarian Republic assembled over the weekend to hold an epic liberty summit, discussing the major issues that affect all of our freedoms. What's good in the world of libertarianism? What could we do better? Join TLR's amazing staff of star writers for an exciting discussion about freedom and culture. 

Are the events in Ferguson, Missouri an example of why government can't solve the problems of racial strife? Also, if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency after Barack Obama, is that the day that millions of racists will suddenly all become sexists? How are libertarians making an impact on the critical issues of race and gender in America today? Our team of libertarian writers will break it all down for you in this very special episode of the Freedom Report podcast with Avens O'BrienJosh GuckertCasey BennettLina BryceDrew RushfordGrant PhillipsKeith Farrell, and Ryan Carrillo!

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