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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.


The Freedom Report podcast takes on the issue today of a video which campaigns against catcalling. LibertyViral.com reported on the story, which shows a woman claiming to be verbally harassed 100 times on the streets of New York City. The problem is, many, if not most of the men who approach her are actually very polite. Aren't many of these just harmless flirting? Still, there are definitely a few creeps in the segment so as to make the entire experiment a valid one worth discussing

Is there a difference between harmless flirting and harassment?

The conclusions that we should draw from this video are many. The conclusions many feminists will draw from it however, are more than likely to be the desire to create more laws, such as the California bill. Never mind that the new California sexual assault legislation, which creates a preponderance of evidence standard, fosters an environment hostile to due process. No, instead lets focus on trying to demonize an entire gender's flirtatiousness as hostile [RELATED: Does Government Think Women Are Too Weak To Say No To Sex? PODCAST]

Another interesting point in the video, which the creators don't wish to discuss, is the racial aspect of it. While the ethnicity of the girl is somewhat ambigous, the ethnicity of her catcallers definitely is not. Do the producers not wish to discuss the cultural implications of the video? Would her responses to the harassment have been different if she were walking down Wall Street and her catcallers were white and/or wealthy? We may never know. 

True harassment is wrong and it is something that it should be stopped. But how should it be stopped? Should we teach women how to say no? Or should we try and tell men not to talk to women on the street entirely? Is the answer somewhere in the mushy middle? 

All that and more, with a very special guest on this episode of the Freedom Report podcast! 

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Author Brian Aitken appears on the Freedom Report podcast to discuss his new book: The Blue Tent Sky: How The Left's War on Guns Cost Me My Son and My Freedom.

Aitken lost his son and many of his freedoms as a convicted felon whose sentence was commuted by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to time served. Although Aitken is free, he's still unable to see his son again, and he's trying to use the proceeds from his new book to mount a legal challenge in order to get close to his loved one.

Aitken's book is a frightening tale of the horror show of modern American gun laws. Citizens can be in violation of the many arcane laws at any time, simply by crossing state lines. Aitken's tale is an important warning to the citizens of these United States that it's time to wake up and take our freedom back. It's time for us to restore true freedom in regards to the right to bear arms.

Watch or listen to this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast, and make sure to grab a copy of Aitken's book after the show.  



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In 2019, America's Greatest Enemies Can Kiss Our Red, White & Blue Asses! 

Gas prices across the United States are at their lowest point in a year, driven in part by falling oil prices. Retailers have hinted that more dramatic cuts could be on the way. What's causing this sudden drop? 

The Freedom Report podcast today takes a look at the energy market, where Reuters is reporting that Saudi Arabia is slashing prices of crude oil. The country of Venezuela was pressuring Saudi's to hike up the cost, but Riyadh decided to take a different approach, and cut prices to $80 a barrel in some cases.

The Saudi's likely fear the fact that U.S. domestic oil production is booming. 

Russia is currently the largest oil producer now at 10.6 million barrels a day, with Saudi Arabia being the second-largest at 9.7 million a day. The U.S. is the world's largest natural gas producer, and in 2019 domestic crude oil production is expected to surpass 13 million barrels a day. What would happen if America no longer relied so heavily on foreign oil from countries like Venezuela, Russia, and Saudi Arabia? Listen to our show to find out! 


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Former Ron Paul political campaign assistant Don Rasmussen's new column at the Daily Caller is called, "The Ron Problem: Rand Paul Must Publicly Denounce His Father To Win The GOP Nomination." Rasmussen argues that some of Paul's more fringe associations will have to be combated by the younger Paul. This episode of the Freedom Report podcast asks Rasmussen what kind of tactics a Rand Paul 2016 campaign might need if they're going to win the Republican nomination. 

Will the lunatic fringe of the liberty movement find a way to deep six Rand Paul? Or will the silent majority of reasonable liberty loving activists prevail? All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast. 

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The Freedom Report podcast today takes on the struggle against radical Islam. Actor Ben Affleck flung the "racist" label at Bill Maher and Sam Harris on HBO recently after Maher and Harris accused liberals of not standing up to Islamic theocracy. Criticizing Islam is widely seen as a conservative sticking point, but this show examines why many on the Right might find themselves standing arm in arm with conservative Muslims if a certain taboo topic is approached.

Libertarians (and liberals) who advocate against bombing Syria to fight ISIS will use the talking point of how the struggle is an ideological one that can't be solved with "boots on the ground." So if that is true, then the war against radical Jihad is one of ideas. That means that liberals (classical and social democrat) must actively fight the bad ideas that Islam espouses. It will not be pleasant for liberals to be subjected to the taunts and jeers and cries of "racism" and "bigotry," that will inevitably come, but these bad ideas MUST be combated then. You must either admit that you think these radicals ought to be bombed, or that we must fight against totalitarianism with libertarian ideas. That's what Maher and Harris are reflecting, the libertarian instinct of liberalism that stands against theocracy.

Harris defended himself in a column titled, "Can Liberalism Be Saved From Itself?" In it, Harris expertly reasoned about how his fellow panelists were making his points for him: "Kristof made the point that there are brave Muslims who are risking their lives to condemn “extremism” in the Muslim community. Of course there are, and I celebrate these people too. But he seemed completely unaware that he was making my point for me—the point being, of course, that these people are now risking their lives by advocating for basic human rights in the Muslim world."

He's correct. It is a risk to confront Islamic Jihadists. And that risk will either be borne out by liberals who fight with ideas, or those who will fight with guns. Either way, the idea that some people must be killed for adultery or stoned or beheaded for any reason must be combated. Liberals and libertarians must speak out against these illiberal ideas and EXPECT to be faced with being called a bigot. Now however, liberals in America are faced with a very sincere challenge, considering that the Left's rhetoric has always included charges of racism and bigotry. They now fear their own media guillotines that hang above each and every one of their heads, ready to punish anyone who is deemed guilty of racist "thought crimes," which include criticism of another's culture.

Maher and Harris, when criticizing Islam, are channeling their libertarian instincts, not their "liberal" ones. Ben Affleck is more the model of the modern liberal, who can manufacture fake outrage at a moment's notice. The libertarian instinct is the true moral position, the one that pushes against Islam's teachings which officially sanction savage acts of violence. And libertarians themselves must struggle with the truth that if ISIS can't be fought with bombs, they must be fought with ideas.

How these ideas can be spread peacefully, and without accusations of bigotry when there is none, is the real debate.

Listen to today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast for this intimate discussion of liberalism, Islam, libertarianism and the problems with conservatives and theocracy.



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The Middle East is boiling in fire and blood. Is now the time for America to give power to a strong man? Can Lindsey Graham be the one who will finally merge all corporate and military power into the hands of the executive? Could Graham be the dictator that America needs right now?

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The Freedom Report podcast today takes on the societal values of "women and children first." Todd Seavey joins the show and engages with host Austin Petersen on the issues of gender politics and society.

Seavey is famous for being the "conservative nerd" who blasted his "conservative nerd ex girlfriend" on CSPAN. Seavey has a new show called the "Seavey/Perry On Culture," where he talks about celebrity culture and limited government issues. He's formerly a producer at Fox Business alongside host Austin Petersen on the show FreedomWatch.

What did Seavey think about feminist libertarian Cathy Reisenwitz, whose philosophy he calls dangerous and corrosive, claiming she was leaving the liberty movement? Lena Dunham, Lana Del Ray, Emma Watson and more are discussed on this special episode of the Freedom Report.

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The Freedom Report today hosts a special guest. She's the Science Babe! And she's speaking out to debunk pseudoscience, flim-flam, hoo-haa, and plain old BS! She’s got a bachelors in chemistry and a masters in forensic science. She’s been a chemistry professor, explosives chemist, toxicology chemist and now an analytical chemist at a pesticide company.

Today's episode takes on the Science Babe's archnemesis... the Food Babe! Are GMOs really all that bad? Should you eat something that you can't pronounce? The Science Babe explains how her experience in toxicology provides unique insight on this topic. 

And what about nutritional health in general? For years the government sold us a bill of goods with their food guide pyramid on what consisted of healthy eating, only to learn years later that they were totally off the mark. Does this mean we should be just as skeptical of government as we are of the lone quacks? And how does that apply to the "scientific consensus" on climate change? Maybe there are free market ways to solve the problems of pollution? 

Also, with the Ebola outbreak in the United States seemingly on the rise, one has to ask the question: Does superstition kill? 

All that and more with a special discussion how the rise of the skeptical libertarian movement at the end on the Freedom Report podcast! 

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Former Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl rejoins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss propaganda created by the terrorist group ISIS. Wahl dissects the type of media created by the Islamic terror group, and discusses how similar they craft their rhetoric in ways she was familiar with during her time working at RT.

Wahl reports on the issues surrounding the creation of media that is designed to obfuscate the issues as well as take the very real concerns of citizens and manipulate them. Wahl relates how conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones, along with state-owned news outlets such as RT and terrorist groups like ISIS, play with people's emotions in order to twist them for their own agenda.

All that and more on this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

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The Freedom Report podcast today interviews an anonymous source in Hong Kong, a libertarian who has been observing the protests and is planning on taking part. Citizens of the city have taken to the streets in recent days to protest the Chinese government's antidemocratic reforms. This interview discusses the ideological makeup of the Occupy protestors and whether or not these protests could be a repeat of Tiananmen Square. 

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