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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.


Jim Antle at the Washington Examiner writes of the "end days" on the foreign policy establishment in the Republican Party. Antle's piece reflects on the changing attitudes towards war during the Trump administration, and how Senators Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul are warring for the president's favor for their policies. 

Austin Petersen's Freedom Report podcast is a preview for an interview with Antle, which will occur on 93.9 The Eagle radio in Columbia Missouri on December 31st. 

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Kristen Thomas of Open the Doors coaching joins Austin Petersen again for another super spicy episode of the Freedom Report podcast. Petersen and Thomas discuss Facebook's new rules regarding the discussion of sex and sex related topics on the platform. They also delve into the Tumblr porn ban, and chat about what this means for sex workers, and how politics gets involved.

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Austin Petersen and Jack Stocker host the Freedom Report podcast to discuss the death and rebirth of American Conservatism. An article shared by Senator Rand Paul triggered an angry response from neoconservatives, and adulation from libertarians and Trump supporters. The article, read by Petersen in entirety, chronicles the change in policies from the Reagan/Bush years to the new Republican Party under Trump. 

Many libertarian victories have been had since the end of neoconservative dominance, but not all policies within Trumpism are libertarian. 

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A documentary by a non-historian for non-historians. 

This special episode of the Freedom Report podcast is a movie review of director Peter Jackson's documentary about the Great War. Host Austin Petersen is joined by guests Jack Stocker and Camellia Plosser who attended the screening in Kansas City on December 17th, 2018. 

November of 2018 marks the 100 year anniversary of the armistice, signaling the end of global conflict and the rise of a new post war world order. Jackson takes footage from World War one and restores it to the extreme, mixing audio and research in a way to paint the conflict in a more human light. Jackson's work comes alive in the voices of surviving veterans of the conflict, recorded by the BBC in the 1960's, and presented here as part of an aesthetically pleasing whole. You'll hear things you've never heard, feel things you've never felt, and see things you've never seen. 

Jackson's documentary makes excellent use of his vast cinematic talent, while working within the confines of only using authentic footage available to him. The director was prohibited from using historic reenactments to fill in for space. 

Petersen, Plosser, and Stocker review Peter Jackson's "They Shall Not Grow Old" in this episode of the Freedom Report podcast. 


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Libertarian podcast host Bob Zadek joins Austin Petersen on the Freedom Report to discuss the ghosts of liberty's past, present, and future. Zadek responds to Petersen's recent criticisms of the direction the liberty movement is taking, and offers his unique perspective on where we've been, where we are, and where we might be going. 

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December 10, 2018

Gavin, It’s Cold Outside…

Right wing pundit and rabble rouser Gavin McInnes was reportedly iced out of a deal with Blaze TV after a recent announced merger with CRTV. The report came via a tweet from Blaze TV, which announced that it would not be continuing his show "Get off My Lawn" which had previously had a home on CRTV. The right wing media sphere was abuzz over the weekend, with internet users reacting and overreacting to the news. So what happened? Austin Petersen breaks down the news and shares his opinions. 

Is "Baby it's Cold Outside" a rape song?

Petersen reads an article from the Philippines, where author Eric Jurado offers insightful commentary as well as some pity on the poor unromantic souls who don't understand courtship. 

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Exciting news from the conservative media space this morning! The Libertarian Republic's writer Caleb Shumate reports on a conservative media mega merger between Glenn Beck's The Blaze and Mark Levin's CRTV. Freedom Report host Austin Petersen discusses the conservative media space, and talks about what libertarians can do in the future to emulate their successes. 

Petersen also finishes the show with the safest cities in the United States according to a recent study comparing crime rates, natural disasters, and unemployment. Did your city make the safest list... or the most dangerous? 

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