“Conservatism will die at the hands of Christianity”: Interview with American Atheists at CPAC

March 12, 2014

Austin Petersen and David Silverman, president of the American Atheists, sit down to discuss atheism and conservatism at CPAC 2014. Petersen and Silverman, who are both secular, discuss the very different strategies they use in interacting with theists.

The American Atheists are known for their confrontational style; Andrew Stuttaford, a writer for Secular Right, has called them “the Wahhabis of atheism.” The group was initially granted a booth at CPAC 2014.

That booth was rescinded after Silverman remarked in an interview that “The Christian right should be angry that we are going in to enlighten conservatives. The Christian right should be threatened by us.” The organizers of CPAC said that American Atheists had misrepresented their willingness to engage in a productive dialogue.

On this episode of The Freedom Report, Silverman stands by his comments, saying “We were not here to make friends. We were here to make a point.” Silverman says that, though he supports economic freedom and gun rights, he does not self-identify as a conservative because the word connotes Christian baggage.

He warns that Christianity will be a political hindrance to conservatism, and predicts that there will be an atheist president in his lifetime.

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Russian Propaganda, Shotguns, and White Men: Interview with Adam Kokesh at CPAC (PODCAST)

March 11, 2014

Friendly rivals Austin Petersen and Adam Kokesh sit down to discuss a variety of topics during this first of many interviews that The Freedom Report conducted at CPAC 2014. Their conversation covers Kremlin-funded news network Russia Today, Kokesh’s controversial decision to load a shotgun in Washington D.C., and why libertarianism is said to attract white men.

Kokesh discusses how his imprisonment affected his worldview, as well as the new book that he began writing while in jail. The two explore the philosophy behind the Non-Aggression Principle and even talk about the conflict that developed between them last year.

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Should men be exempt from paying child support? (PODCAST)

March 6, 2014

The Freedom Report takes on the tough question of asking why if men have no reproductive rights then why should they have any reproductive responsibilities? 

An article featured on the website Thoughts On Liberty tackled the difficult issue of a man in Kansas who gave his girlfriend a drug that caused her to miscarry her child. The man was charged with first-degree murder, but if you're pro-choice, wasn't he really just taking the initiative and giving his girlfriend an unwanted abortion. It's not really murder then is it? Different story if you're pro life. 

As for child support, the state of Virginia is pushing a bill that amounts to nothing more than extortion. Divorce lawyers have an incentive to put men in positions where they can't pay, and encourage families to split up. Is the government causing the problem that it's claiming to try to solve? 

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Obama’s $3.9T Budget Baloney (PODCAST)

March 5, 2014

President Barack Obama submitted a budget to congress for $3.9 trillion and it's as good as dead on arrival. The president doesn't want to be seen as not pandering to his base in an important election year so he's putting something on the table that is basically a huge handout to his political base. Democrats don't want to be seen as making important cuts to the rapidly growing entitlement base when they're trying to win reelection. This podcast tackles some of the major budgetary issues that are in the president's proposal and battles the fallacies involved in Obama's "tax the rich" rhetoric. 

Also, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that while voters trust Democrats more on key issues, they're probably going to vote for Republicans this fall anyway. The poll shows that Republicans stand a good chance at maintaining the House majority as well as an opportunity to win the Senate. Will Obama be a lame duck? 

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