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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.


Feminist libertarian and world-renowned 'Bleeding Heart," Sarah Skwire joins the Freedom Report at the International Students for Liberty conference in Washington D.C.

Is the concept of the "Patriarchy," a conspiracy theory, or a serious issue libertarians need to address? What about rape culture? Should men on college campuses have their potential sexual partners send them a text message giving consent?

And why are there so many guys walking around this conference wearing bow ties and fedoras? These are the serious issues we must address!

Skwire joins the podcast to discuss gender issues, libertarian feminism and the role of government in our lives. 

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Are The Interests of Main Street & Wall Street At Odds? 

Financial analyst Heather Hughes joins the Freedom Report podcast on Valentine's Day to discuss the broken hearts of a million libertarians who had to watch Janet Yellen confirmed as the new chair of the Federal Reserve. 

Yellen's impact on the marketplace is unknown, but Hughes offers her insight into why she thinks that Yellen's impact on the marketplace will be similar to her predecessor Ben Bernanke. 

What impact will Obamacare have on the markets? Will the CBO report that shows a 2.5 million total job loss have a major impact on the marketplace? 

Hughes discusses the difference between the interests of Main Street and Wall Street and whether their interests can ever be aligned. And what does she think about Bitcoins, Bubbles and the Boom and Bust cycle? 

All that and more on a special Valentine's Day episode of the Freedom Report. 

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Jack Hunter dropped by the Freedom Report studio to talk about a potential cage match between Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul in 2016. If Senator Paul takes on Secretary Clinton, what strategy will the libertarian leaning legislator have to pull off to beat the baddest Democrat on the block? 

Also, as Matt Kibbe says, sometimes you have to beat the Republicans before you beat the Democrats. Is the GOP ready for Paul's brand of constitutional conservatism? And what happens if he has to take on Ted Cruz? Will the party split the vote to elect an establishment style candidate? 

And what about national defense? Does Senator Rand Paul have what it takes to construct a foreign policy that protects American's lives, liberty and property? 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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A district court in New Mexico recently authorized doctors to provide lethal prescriptions and stated that there is a constitutional right for a competent, terminally ill patient to choose aid in dying. Other states are considering following suit. Do people have a right to die? What if a child is born with a congenital defect? Should parents have the right to choose to euthanize the child? 

The Freedom Report takes on one of the ultimate taboos exclusively at The Libertarian Republic. 

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"I say we take off and nuke em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

The Freedom Report podcast today deals with the issue of the government of Iran preparing to send warships to the US Maritime border in the Atlantic Ocean. The threat is reportedly a response to the U.S. fifth fleet in the gulf. How far will the conflict escalate before this cold war turns hot?

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A key diplomatic issue with Iran/US relations is whether or not the hostile Middle Eastern state should be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Last week footage emerged of the bombing of Nagasaki, and it had libertarians asking the question, is it ever OK to use nuclear weapons, even in self defense?

This podcast asks the question with the hypothetical, if Luke Skywalker killed any civilians in his assault on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, would that make him a war criminal? If so, then what lengths can we go to in order to defend ourselves?

Iran, Star Wars, Nagasaki and nuclear war all are issues of discussion in this episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

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Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Texas Kathie Glass joins the Freedom Report to discuss her run for office. Glass is a Houston lawyer who has worked in the liberty movement for 28 years and is running on a platform of nullification of federal laws.

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Glass believes that nullification is like a strong muscle that has atrophied, and it's time to give it a workout. She says that if agents of the federal government were to try to enforce unconstitutional laws in Texas, she'd have them arrested!

Glass discusses her views on her opponents Wendy Davis and Greg Abbot, as well as gives her opinion on the topic that sank tea party favorite Debra Medina's campaign, namely whether the events of 9/11 were a conspiracy orchestrated by our own government.

All that and more on a special episode of the Freedom Report, brought to you in part by Amagi Metals, The Libertarian Republic's trusted metals dealer.

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Raw Milk Activist Liz Reitzig joins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss issues surrounding raw milk raids in the United States. Reitzig is an openly declared criminal, who claims her sovereign right to drink raw milk and feed it to her children. She's admittedly defying the law and any libertarian would agree that she should have the right to do with her body whatever she likes. But isn't raw milk dangerous? And didn't we invent pasteurization in order to help stop the spread of deadly germs such as salmonella? 

Reitzig argues that the public doesn't have all the information when it comes to raw milk. She also has some strong opinions about GMO's. Reitzig debates Austin Petersen over whether GMO's are really dangerous, and whether corporations like Monsanto should be derided for producing products that people want, despite the crony capitalism involved in the production of these products. 

And in Michigan government swine raided a pig farm after the Department of Natural Resources classified the hogs on Baker's Green Acres farm as illegal. The government demanded that Mark Baker kill his livestock without an act of legislation. Is Baker's Green Acres doomed? 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast! 

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CoFounder of GOProud Jimmy LaSalvia joins the Freedom Report to discuss his recent flight from the GOP. After a hard fought battle to make the Republican Party more friendly to the gay community, LaSalvia called it quits and is now calling himself an Independent. Is it time for other members of the gay community to follow suit? 

LaSalvia says that people who demonize homosexuality in the GOP are putting the party outside the mainstream. He even endorsed Robert Sarvis over Ken Cuccinnelli in the Virginia race for governor due to his position on anti-sodomy laws. 

Also, why does LaSalvia praise Dick Cheney and what does he think of Senator Rand Paul? 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast! 

This podcast is also hosted at the top of The Libertarian Republic website. 
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Did you hear about the government snow? Last week citizens across the South were freaking out because they thought that the snow wasn't melting when they held their lighters up next to it. People were quick to claim that the government was creating chemical snow to distract us from tyranny. One commenter wrote: Some skeptics tie the fake snow to a wider and older conspiracy regarding "geo-engineering" and the fear that the government is manipulating the weather to use as a weapon. 

Real skeptics were quick to point out the scientific reasoning behind why the snow didn't melt. But despite that, the rumors still persist. Are conspiracy theorists ever going to learn from their mistakes? Well that depends on if they listen to this freedom report podcast where we discuss conspiracy theories, both real... and imagined. 

This podcast is also hosted at the top of www.thelibertarianrepublic.com 

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Sad news this weekend that Philip Seymour Hoffman died from an apparent heroin overdose. Sources confirmed that Hoffman was found with a needle in his arm and bags of the drug with a street name of "Ace of Spades." Police have reported multiple deaths in recent from the cocktail that contained both heroin and fentanyl, a painkiller for cancer patients. 

This Freedom Report tackles the question of whether the War on Drugs is to blame for the actor's untimely death, or is it a culture that says we shouldn't judge each other when we engage in morally dubious behavior? 

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast! 

This show is also hosted at the top of The Libertarian Republic.com website. 

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