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Phil Robertson, star of the popular A&E show Duck Dynasty  was suspended after his comments to GQ magazine about homosexuality. Conservatives and liberals are up in arms. Robertson's controversial comments have offended the gay community, and conservatives are claiming that it's an issue of free speech. But is it really?

For sure A&E is likely to get a ton of free publicity, and in the TV business no publicity is bad publicity. The Duck Dynasty star's fan base will undoubtedly spend millions of dollars on the show's products in a gesture of support. So both A&E and the Duck Dynasty family will probably benefit. 

But do you know who is guaranteed to benefit from this mess? The politicians.

Who will probably lose? The American people overall. 

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The National Security establishment is terrified that Snowden holds a "doomsday archive" that he could release if he were to be captured. The question over whether the whistleblower is a hero or a traitor is being heavily debated in light of a recent court decision that put some of the provisions of the domestic spying program into question. 

Director of the ACLU’s Privacy and Technology department Ben Wizener appeared on CNN to say “this is a good day for Edward Snowden.”

Wizener believes that yesterdays court ruling from a federal judge appointed by George W. Bush which challenged the NSA’s blanket data collection program is “what happens when important legal issues are decided in open courts, where both sides get to make legal arguments. Rather than in secret courts where the government alone gets to present arguments to a court. This is, I think, a good day for Edward Snowden. This is what he had in mind. He saw programs. He doubted their legality. He saw that the oversight mechanisms had failed. That secret courts had become a rubber stamp. That congressional committees had been enabling rather than, than actually exercising oversight. And so he brought the information to the public through journalists and he brought it to the lawyers who brought this case.”

Read more at TLR: This is a good day for Edward Snowden | The Libertarian Republic http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/good-day-edward-snowden/#ixzz2nqXaJXxJ 

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CNBC reported that the Congressional Budget Office revealed that the top 40 percent of wage earners in America pay 106% of the taxes. What about the bottom 40%? What do they pay?

They pay -9%. Yes, that’s a negative in front of that nine.

The CBO’s formula accounted for taxes that are paid with “refundable tax credits,” basically government transfers of money back in the form of social security or food stamps.

CNBC wrote that the recent stock market gains have increased the wealth of the highest 1%, but questioned whether it was fair to have these kinds of transfers that create a negative tax burden. Basically rich people aren’t paying for most of the pie, they’re paying for all of it, plus tip

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Editor of the Libertarian Republic Austin Petersen met former CIA agent Richard Kennedy, who served as a senior intelligence analyst, to discuss his views on the War on Drugs. In this interview, Kennedy discusses what the culture of the agency is like, and how his experience shaped his viewpoints on drug policy. 

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In an interview with 60 minutes, Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com invited Charlie Rose to check out his new fleet of electronic, GPS enabled delivery drones. The goal is to get package delivery to your door in just thirty minutes but regulators and anti-capitalist bloggers are flipping out about all this unfettered freedom. Will drones be highly regulated before Bezos can get them out the door? 

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