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The Freedom Report is a podcast that reports on news from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.


Top news today is that Obamacare could force another 80 million people to lose their insurance in the next year due to requirements in the law to force companies to provide certain benefits. 

Also, Obamacare discriminates against men due to the fact that they are being forced to pay for services they won't ever use like maternity services. One liberal professor says that men should be forced to pay more. 

Also, do you know your rights if stopped by police? The Freedom Report goes through the magic words you should use in order to protect yourself during a police encounter.
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Security breach! One consumer at the Vermont public health care exchange website has had their private information breached. The customer had someone mail a copy of their application back to them with a message stating that the health website wasn't secure and their information had been compromised. 

Also, why don't the Democrats want to call it Obamacare anymore? And are the Democrat leaders totally delusional?
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If you like your democracy, you can keep it! 

The U.S. Senate voted on a rules change that would overturn 200 years of precedent regarding the use of the filibuster to confirm court nominees. This represents a major reversal of power towards whatever is the majority party of the time. We have a clip showing a dramatic reversal of the president who supported the power of the filibuster when he was in the senate in 2005 as opposed to his statements yesterday. 

Also the FCC is considering rule changes that would allow passengers to use their cell phones during flights. Consumers are reportedly slamming the agency with calls and emails to oppose the measure that would increase noise pollution in flight. 
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The Freedom Report Podcast today discusses an article featured at The Libertarian Republic that is a rebuttal to an article titled 12 Reasons Obama Is One Of The Best Presidents Ever. TLR contributor Tiffany Madison wrote a lengthy rebuttal with 12 reasons that the president is NOT one of the best ever and we discuss it here. 

Also, did you know that it's not legal for police to use deadly force unless deadly force is used against them? The recent case out of New Mexico where police opened fire on a fleeing van full of children is a real litmus test for noting the difference between people who blindly make excuses for authority, and those who believe in civil liberties and due process before execution. 

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Today's episode of the Freedom Report features stories about President Obama's tanking poll numbers associated with the botched rollout of Healthcare.gov 

Also the Washington Post is reporting on documents released by the NSA that reveal the extent of the data collection being used by the intelligence agency. Now more than ever Americans need to remember the reasons we fought the American revolution and passed the 4th amendment to the constitution. 

Also, parents in Texas were sentenced to sixty years in prison after it was discovered they were letting their baby starve to death. The baby luckily survived but it ignited a debate over whether according to the non-aggression principle people are required to feed their children. 
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President Obama is faced with a dramatic reversal after claiming that people who had their insurance plans cancelled can now keep their plans. But insurance companies are threatening not to follow orders from the White House. 

Also Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin doesn't think the next President should be a congressman. He thinks they should be a governor! Is he more of a Chris Christie, or a Ken Cuccinelli? Listen and learn on the Freedom Report podcast episode 4!
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Episode 3 of the Freedom Report podcast discusses President Barack Obama's Mea Culpa over the failed rollout of Healthcare.gov as well as asking: Where's all the coverage of Senator Ted Cruz? After spending weeks getting blamed for the government shutdown for trying to stop Obamacare, why isn't anyone now calling him a hero? 

Also, angry marijuana patients in the state of Washington descended on a town hall meeting to protest new regulations that would lump medicinal patients into the same system as recreational users. People shouted and boo'd at central planners who want to place new restrictions on the drug that would adversely affect sick patients. In this episode we discuss what happens when you ask the state to legalize something vs. decriminalize it. 

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The Freedom Report podcast's second episode discusses the recent enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act as well as a story of an armed family that rescued their loved one in Louisiana. Also, would you visit a professional cuddler? All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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The Freedom Report Inaugural Episode begins with a talk about how Obamacare will not be ready by the end of the month despite repeated assurances from the White House. Also a drug raid on two ex-CIA agents has them filing what may be a federal civil rights lawsuit after Leawood Sheriff's deputies targeted them for buying from a hydroponics store to grow tomatoes in their basement. Also, Lady Gaga is claiming she was addicted to Marijuana cigarettes. 

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