10 Super Awesome White Male Privileges

August 29, 2016

Libertarians Austin Petersen and Jeff Caldwell read a riotous list of white male privileges, and discuss racism, sexism, and the rights of men in American society. 


Should vaccines be mandatory? ft. SciBabe Yvette D’entremont

August 26, 2016

SciBabe Yvette D'entremont appears on The Freedom Report podcast to discuss mandatory vaccination from a pro-science viewpoint. Yvette talks about what's in vaccines, and whether they're safe.


Pro-life Atheists, ‪#‎Harambe‬ and the NAP, and Gary Johnson’s Carbon Tax ‪#‎fblive‬

August 23, 2016

TLR editor in chief Austin Petersen defends his secular, pro-life stance and delivers a cunning takedown of vegan activists using the NAP to justify giving animals like Harambe rights. Also discussed are Governor Gary Johnson's floating of a carbon tax as a means to fight global warming and other various insider-y libertarian topics. 


Who Killed The Tea Party?

August 16, 2016

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen discusses the shadowy groups and individuals who helped contribute to the demise of the Tea Party movement.


Which do you prefer? Mafia or Government?

August 12, 2016

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast discusses an article which draws similarities between mafia and government. This show was recorded live on Facebook, and was derived from the following article available for reading at The Libertarian Republic news magazine. 


6 Lessons For Gary Johnson if he debates Trump & Hillary

August 10, 2016

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson might debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if his poll numbers continue to rise. But if they do, can big Johnson take the fight to the frontrunners? He can, if he takes our advice on these 6 tips he need to compete with the big dogs. 


Libertarians For Trump?

July 29, 2016

Today's special episode of the Freedom Report podcast features Liberty Laura Meyers and Austin Petersen discussing the libertarians in the Republican Party who are supporting Donald Trump. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash all took wildly different approaches to dealing with the Donald, but what is the right way for freedom fighters? 

Petersen and Meyers deconstruct the current political swamp, and feature an extra special clip from our hero Penn Jillette, who had some very kind words to say about one of your favorite freedom fighters. Listen in and, share this podcast with your friends who don't like Donald OR Hillary. 

Why Did The GOP Nominate Progressive Donald Trump?

July 20, 2016

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast is a tour de force of conservative and libertarian ideology. Peppered with former Libertarian Party candidate Austin Petersen's "bumper sticker phrases," this podcast discusses how Republicans were beaten and bamboozled by the Trumpster. 

Also, what's the difference between a conservative and a libertarian? Petersen sums it all up in this fantastic special episode of the Freedom Report podcast. 

The Solution to Police Shootings

July 7, 2016

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast delves into the cases of the recent shootings by police of Alton Sterling and Philip Castile. Host Austin Petersen discusses his solution to put an end to police violence in the wake of these tragedies. 


Sex, Trump, and Anarchy - Babes vs Puritans [PODCAST]

June 30, 2016

A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having. -Emma Goldman

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast is another culture jammer, analyzing a brewing war between rival clans of Donald Trump's babe army versus the newly minted Babes of Liberty. LibertyViral.com reported that a Twitter war had broken out between the rival camps, and caused a huge stir online. 

Hosts Austin Petersen and Laura Meyers discuss Donald Trump's sex appeal, and why the Babes for Trump phenomenon is just as important to spreading his message as the Babes of Liberty group. 

In this podcast is discussed the issues of Trump's authoritarian policies, marketing a message, and how anarchist feminist Emma Goldman dealt with someone telling her not to dance. Hint: Don't tell an anarchist feminist what to do.