Why Can’t Americans Pass a Basic US Citizenship Test?

November 15, 2018

Freedom Report host Austin Petersen discusses an article recently that showed that only 1 in 3 Americans can pass a US Citizenship test required to immigrate. What's the cause of that? This podcast was originally broadcast live on Facebook and features audience participation with Petersen reading some of the best listener's comments. 


Right Wing Death Squads Reported in Germany

November 12, 2018

Britain's tabloids are reporting that right wing death squads embedded in Germany's military are plotting to assassinate key political figures. The Green Party leader and former prime minister of Germany were allegedly targeted, as well as the leaders of groups responsible for allowing immigrants into the country. There's just one... or two... or three problems with the tabloid's reporting...

Also, host Austin Petersen discusses the end of World War 1, and plays a sound recording from the moment that the guns ceased firing. 


Can Trump abolish the 14th Amendment via Executive Order?

October 31, 2018

Austin Petersen hosts a Freedom Report episode discussing President Trump's statements that he can overturn the 14th Amendment with an executive order. But is that the case? Petersen breaks down the issues at hand, how SCOTUS plays a role, and what Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is proposing to counter the president's idea. 


Why Do Control Freaks Fear Bitcoin?

October 29, 2018

Why do control freaks fear Bitcoin? Politico.com reported on cryptocurrency Bitcoin and stoked the fear of foreign interference in America's elections. Host Austin Petersen was mentioned in the Politico piece for having received the national record for the single largest bitcoin donation in a federal race... but did Politico report that accurately? Nope!

Listen in to Petersen reading and responding to the piece with a bonus segment reading some of his favorite quotes about Thomas Jefferson.


Will Trump Legalize Weed After Midterms?

October 25, 2018

 President Trump has reportedly signaled that he will legalize medical cannabis at the federal level after the midterms. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said to Fox News that the president will also likely allow states to decide on whether to legalize recreational cannabis as well. But if Democrats take control of the House, will they derail cannabis reform so as not to give the president any victory? 

Also, Freedom Report host Austin Petersen goes into some quotes over the topic of abortion, libertarianism, and liberals from one of his favorite authors. 


Austin Petersen at Politicon Recap

October 23, 2018

Austin Petersen recounts his conversations with Dennis Rodman, Ben Shapiro, and other famous figures in American new and politics at last weekends Politicon in Los Angeles, California. 


What Are The Most Offensive Costumes We Can Wear this Halloween?

October 17, 2018

Liberals have caught on to the hot new right wing meme series of NPC's. But what exactly is a NPC? And now that Senator Elizabeth Warren has officially culturally appropriated Cherokee culture, does that mean it's OK for the rest of us to dress however we want on Halloween? 

This fun episode of the Freedom Report podcast discusses the latest in left wing PC hilarity and is hosted by Austin Petersen. 


Missouri’s Republican Liberty Caucus Is Born

October 15, 2018

For years the state of Missouri has lacked a strong statewide organization of liberty Republicans. That all changed this weekend when on Sunday, September the 14th, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Missouri held its kickoff meeting. Former US Senate candidate Austin Petersen interviews the attendees and candidates who arrived to discuss their plans to elect more liberty loving candidates at the state level. 



Dating in the Trump Era (NSFW)

October 10, 2018

"Swipe Left if you voted for Trump" 

Have you seen this on a dating app lately? Is it annoying, or the inevitable consequence you suffer as a perpetrator of the patriarchy? Can it be both? One person thinks she knows. She's a life and sex coach, thank you. Kristen Thomas is the owner of Open the Doors Coaching and she coaches couples and singles on intimacy and relationship issues. She's also an admitted flaming liberal, which is great! The host of The Freedom Report Austin Petersen, is a flaming libertarian. 

Petersen and Thomas, best buds since high school, discuss the trials and travails of dating in the era of Trump. Can we make cross-ideological dating work like interracial and intersex couples? Is that possible in this superheated political environment of sexual tensions and division? All that and more on this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast. 


Of Mice and Dems

October 8, 2018

Why Democrats Had To Be Put Down... Hard

The latest episode of the Freedom Report features Austin Petersen discussing his final thoughts on the Kavanaugh nomination. Petersen discusses the contentious nomination process and his thoughts on why Justice Kavanaugh needed to be confirmed. Drawing upon Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men," Petersen explains why the Democrats had to be put down, and why they had to be put down hard and fast. 

Petersen also reports on some of the lesser known views and decisions of Justice Kavanaugh and how they relate to conservative and libertarian philosophy.