Piers Morgan BLASTS Meryl Streep over her comments on Donald J. Trump

January 10, 2017

Reporter Piers Morgan put Meryl Streep on blast after her remarks about Donald Trump at the Golden Globes Awards. Morgan chided Streep over her snide, condescending attitude towards flyover country voters, explaining why she was a hypocrite for claiming high moral character after she gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation. Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast is brought to you by ThreadsofLiberty.com, get your Make Taxation Theft Again hat at threads of liberty, and help spread the ideas of economic freedom, and personal liberty. 


Philly’s Soda Tax Is Why People Hate Democrats

January 4, 2017

Philadelphia's city council passed a soda tax that went into effect on January 1st. Citizens are noticing that frequently the cost of the tax is more than the cost of the beverage, and many are in an uproar. The tax was sold to the public under the pretence that the money will be used to fund early childhood education programs (see: glorified baby sitter services). The soda tax is everything that's wrong with the Democratic party and a big part of why people hate Democrats and handed them their rear ends in the November elections. 


Political Correctness: Conservative Edition

December 12, 2016

Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute coined a new term to describe the conservative version of political correctness: Patriotically Correct. In this terrific piece, Alex describes the hypocritical double standard employed by conservatives who complain about the left stifling free speech, while engaging in their own narrow version of PC. 


Libertarians Denounce Bill Weld

November 2, 2016

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen weighs in on VP candidate Bill Weld's vouching for Hillary Clinton.


Ron Paul: System Rigged, Voting Used To “Pacify Public”

October 24, 2016

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul claims that our electoral system is rigged, and that voting is used to pacify the American public. 

“I see elections as so much of a charade,” Paul said, “So much deceit goes on.”

But is it true? Former presidential candidate himself, Austin Petersen breaks down the facts and opinions from the view of someone who knows first hand. 


Ask Me Anything! Austin Petersen Takes Your Questions!

October 5, 2016

Austin Petersen Takes Listener Questions! Talking Ron PaulGary Johnson,Adam Kokesh, Patriotic Mercenaries, Monetary Policy, and the Minimum Wage!


Paul Krugman Thinks Millennials Are Ignorant About Libertarians

September 26, 2016

Paul Krugman writing in the New York Times thinks that millennials who support Gary Johnson are ignorant. Poll after poll shows that young people aged 18-34 overwhelmingly support the Libertarian Party's candidate. Krugman sees this as a danger to his preferred candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Krugman rattles off a list of policy positions that he thinks would give people pause before voting for Johnson, such as libertarians' views that we should abolish the IRS, get the government out of education, and reduce environmental regulations. But he neglects to mention that libertarians also want to end the war on drugs, and reduce American militarism around the globe. If anyone's contributing to the ignorance of young people, it's Krugman and his shameless hit piece, which isn't so much an attack on Gary Johnson per se (since he doesn't support much of the LP's platform), as it is on libertarianism in general. 

Today's Freedom Report podcast breaks down the article and offers a scathing rebuttal courtesy of host and former presidential candidate Austin Petersen. 

Is Trump’s Movement About Poor, Wimpy, White Boy Rage?

September 20, 2016

Arch neocon Jennifer Rubin took the Trump movement to task for it's stances against immigration, free markets, as well as its economic illiteracy in general. Rubin's article in the Washington Post titled "The GOP Has Become a Pity Party for White Males," arguing that Trump's defenders seem to demand that we treat members of his base delicately for fear of ruffling their feathers.

From the WAPO: 
When you play the “Hollywood makes fun of us” card, you get perilously close to political correctness and emotional feebleness, not things Trump and his ilk are supposed to promote. Even worse, complaining that other people don’t wish them “Merry Christmas” — and then transforming that into a war against Christianity — is victimology rarely seen outside the “safe spaces” on college campuses.

In elevating one specific group — older white males — Trump fails the test of a leader in a diverse, complex society in which we want to maximize benefits for the largest number of people. He seems not to grasp the demands of living in a prosperous 21st-century society, which demands technical prowess, flexibility, cooperation and respect for others.

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast dives into this issue, and discusses whether establishment conservatives at this point have more in common with libertarians than they do with Trump. 

4th Grade Teacher In Trouble For “Inappropriate Attire”

September 15, 2016
Is #TeacherBae Too Sexy For Her Class?
ATLANTA, GA - A fourth grade teacher is in hot water after she caused an uproar on social media over her allegedly inappropriate attire. Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast analyzes the body standards, gendered and racial issues, as well as puritanical influences at play in the story. Patrice Brown's Instagram account blew up to the tune of 214k followers in the wake of the scandal. But is this a classic case of "hate us cause they ain't us?" Or does #TeacherBae need to tone it down when it comes to the style of outfits she wears for her 10-year-old students? 
All this and more, including special guest Ashley Lewandowski to comment on during this very special episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

North Korea and Libertarian Foreign Policy: Ideals vs. Realities

September 12, 2016

News of North Korea's recent nuclear tests have drawn attention to the hermit kingdom as of late. President Obama claimed in a response that the United States will never accept North Korea as a nuclear state. Libertarians have long held heated foreign policy debates centering around this individual threat, with Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson claiming it's America's #1 threat to national security. But will cooler, more non-interventionist heads prevail? 

Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report podcast on The Libertarian Republic news sites discusses the past and present histories in the nearly century-long conflict that pits ideals against realities. Hard power vs. soft power, diplomacy vs. bombs. What will be the outcome of the struggle on the Korean peninsula? Will the Un dynasty end in war, or dissolve into a humanitarian crisis that will stretch the limits of international aid and outreach. All this and more on the Freedom Report podcast.