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May 6, 2015

Teacher Suspended After Showing Video About How Attitudes Towards Homosexuals Have Changed [PODCAST]

Full disclosure, I am a former students at RPHS, graduating in 1999 and was a student ofKen Simon's.

PECULIAR, MO - Raymore-Peculiar High School teacherKen Simon, 70, is out of a job after showing his senior class a video from 1959 which taught people to avoid strangers because they might be homosexuals. Simon, interviewed byThe Libertarian Republic, describes the permanent suspension as a bullying tactic from an administration which has been trying to push him out for a long time, ostensibly because of his age.

The video in question was a "Boys Beware" PSA, and was created by theIngelwood, Calif., Police Department, for training purposes. The filmtalks about homosexuals as pedophiles.

Jimmy played baseball all afternoon and didnt feel like walking home so he decided to thumb a ride, the film explains. You see, Ralphs a homosexual, a person who demands an intimate relationship with members of their own sex, but by now Jimmy felt a fondness for Ralph and they continued to go places together.'

Simon showed the video in a class that was designed to teach students about law enforcement, and the changing attitudes towards homosexuality. A police department that created such a PSA today would probably be shut down from protests in no time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.56.26 AM
Ken Simon

I did say right when I started, lets look at this and see how things have changes since 1959, Simon said.

Simon says the real agenda behind this doesn't have anything to do with homosexuality, though. He arguesthat the school principal had it out for him, and describes a confrontation three years ago. PrincipalSteven Millercalled him into the office and harshly criticized him, suggesting that he had "nothing to offer the school."

Simon also received a note threatening that he would be terminated in 30 days if he did not improve. This note was handed to him in front of his students, causing him to break down crying in front of the class. While it may be illegal to terminate someone due to their age, Simon believes that this is exactly what's happening. Simon says that other teachers told him he was given the law enforcement class specifically because it was designed for him to fail. The principal wanted him out, and was looking for any excuse he could find.

With two weeks of classes left to go, Simon is banned from attending graduation, and has been cut off from the school's email accounts so that he can speak to other teachers. He plans to protest by appearing at the final day of school's classes and sitting outside with a sign to the students saying "Happy Graduation." Simon is retiring this year, but he says it wasn't really by choice. He claims that Principal Steven Miller wanted him out and found any excuse he could to eject him.

Students, alumni, and friends who want to support Ken Simon aresigning a petition here at Change.org.As of now there are 2,482 signatures, with a goal of 5,000.

Donna McDonald, who signed the petition and whose children were taught by Simonsaid to Fox 4that, Everyone who knows him knows how wonderful he is. If there were more teachers like him, it would be a better place, she said. We have to stand behind our teachers.

The heads of the school can be contacted at the information below.

Steven Miller, Principal, (816) 892-1402

Kristina Martin, Associate Principal, (816) 892-1406

Mark Cook, Assistant Principal, (816) 892-1407

Jerry Edson, Assistant Principal, (816) 892-1555

Jeanne Kuhlman, Assistant Principal, (816) 892-1552

"Boys Beware" PSA

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