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July 18, 2014

Bob Barr Says He’d Choose Rand Paul over Rick Perry in 2016

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr says that if it came down to Rick Perry or Rand Paul for President in 2016 that he's more of a Rand Paul kind of guy. The former federal prosecutor who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton appears on the Freedom Report podcast to discuss a host of issues that reflect his independent minded view of politics.

Barr takes on Georgia's recent loosening of restrictions to gun ownership, arguing that the rise of a culture of self defense will mean that less crime is more likely. Still, Barr doesn't believe that we should need such laws, arguing that the 2nd amendment is the only permit we should need to exercise our right to bear arms.

On the developing immigration crisis on the southern border, Barr backs a more thorough approach to vetting immigrants into the U.S. Host of the Freedom Report Austin Petersen poses the problem of potential security threats, while wondering if a policy that took lessons from the Ellis Island years wouldn't be a more humane approach. Barr agrees, but states that the problems of modern terror threats create a need for more secure border solutions.

Barr is running against former state congressman Barry Loudermilk, a faith-based conservative whose views on politics stem from his deeply held religious beliefs. An internal poll released by the Loudermilk campaign shows a wide lead between the two candidates who are vying for Georgia's 11th congressional seat. Can Barr pull through?

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